To Rome with Love


Allen’s latest, a situational comedy, consists of four vignettes that are all set in the beautiful city of Rome. The cast includes famous Hollywood stars like Alec Baldwin, Jesse Eisenberg, Penelope Cruz, Ellen Page, Judy Davis and Roberto Benigni.

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Directed by Ridley Scott, Prometheus is an outstanding science fictional movie which is based on a group of space travelers who navigate to an unidentified planet to find out the very basic foundation of human life only later to comprehend that the future of mankind is in grave danger.

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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter


It has found that 150 years after have passed and American president Abraham Lincoln has been given his due award from Hollywood after his death. Three big movies in the year 2012 featuring the 16th president will be releasing. The Steven Spielberg’s movie, where Abraham Lincoln plays as undead-destroyer in the film.

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Madgascar 3 – Europe’s most wanted


The 90 minutes of DreamWorks animation movie directed by Tom McGrath and Eric Darnell has been aptly made to distract children attraction. With the summer vacations on the close, “Madagascar 3 – Europe’s most wanted” is a much wanted movie to be watched by kids.

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Ice Age: Continental Drift Review


People get what they expect with the Ice Age movies. This one is the 4th installment of the franchise which has actually been around since the year 2002. (Here, in this particular case, it was concluded against retelling the first story and also recasting all the voices with just some cosmetic changes.)

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Review on Total Recall

It is really tough for any filmmaker, especially for an entirely accomplished one; to create any project of ‘his own’ while the real one is very much remembered just as an amazing vehicle for a superstar as large as Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Review on The Dark Knight Rises

The question “Why do we fall?” was asked to young Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins and this same question seems equally important in the final and latest installment of Batman saga by Christopher Nolan – The Dark Knight Rises.

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The Raven


Since long it has become an easy task to point out as to which are the movies John Cusack does towards the pleasure and satisfaction to be an actor and which are the movies he made for the bankroll.

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The Descendants


It is more than eight years right from the release of Sideways the Writer/ Director Alexander Payne is about to be absent from the screens.

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Man on a ledge


Just going through the title as well the trailers anyone may think, alike me, an intellect trailing, packed with potent material, like Snakes on a Plane or Phone Booth.

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