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Lucy is a 2014 French sci-fi activity film composed and coordinated by Luc Besson. Towards the sticky end of a midyear of movies focused around toys, comic-books and different movies, here, finally, is a film focused around the Kantian model of transcendental optimism.

Lucy, the new film from Luc Besson, is around a young person whose cerebrum gets to be compelling enough to see the world as it truly is – which, it would appear, is precisely like a Luc Besson film. The plot has been propelled by the old myth that individuals utilize just 10 for every penny of their potential mental aptitude – which, in the same way as all myths, addresses deeper fears about the universe and our unnecessary part inside it.

The aggregate bundle feels new. From the moment that Johansson’s title character endures a beating in bondage that cracks the medications in her stomach and discharges them into her circulatory system (a Yankee bad dream), the film enters a domain of nonstop pleasure, however not generally astound.

Lucy is not just a type herself —she is an agent of humanity in its un-changed, non-super state. Johannson’s mid-vocation change from imposing voiced ingenue to seriously physical early showing symbol is one of the even more entrancing curves in American silver screen. Her work keeps us from understanding that Besson’s script has bungled the opportunity to recount a deeper story, one that is energizing and externally astute, as well as quietly deplorable.

It is quick and tight and perky actually when it’s perverted and fierce, which is regularly. It endures around 90 minutes and change yet feels longer in a decent manner, in light of the fact that consistently is stuffed tight. It is brimming with itself, yet regardless it continues winking at you. It needs to be considered important, however not all that genuinely that you don’t chuckle at (and with) the sight of Lucy walking around a gunfight wearing nosebleed heels, or making foes writhe like puppets on imperceptible strings. Movie is worth-watch. It keeps haunting your mind.

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The Twilight Saga Thu, 11 Sep 2014 20:26:49 +0000 twilight

As you, possibly, have found out, vampires big enough in Hollywood now. The studio basis attack on any original with canines, there is substantially because of it, a phenomenon which is “the Saga of Twilight”.

Both with the first film and with last year’s “the New moon”, appearing resolutely known, we have now a third payment “the Eclipse”, last full book which will be let out, as the final chapter, “Breaking the Dawn”, will be removed in two parts, all a favourite film.

“The Eclipse” (Kristen Stewart) once again in the big danger, and torn between two supernatural thieves of hearts finds Bella. Her relations with her related soul of the Vampire Edward (Robert Pettinson) become ever stronger with its possible “change”, becoming ever there is more probability. Life becomes (even more) difficult, all the same, when the group “newborns” (recently changed vampires) rages and apparently moves to Bella, meaning vampires, and werewolves, and more considerably Edward and Jacob (Taylor Lotner), should try to co-exist to fight with this general opponent.

“The new moon” has failed from slow rate, risky effects and a boredom considerable quantity. To good luck it is reduced practically nothing for “Eclipses” as plot more stimulates plot”Newborns and a less love triangle of the girl-vampire-werewolf. Happily, effects also a little more burning, especially with a wolf, fighting with scenes. It is probable, as the chair of the chief has been transferred David Slejdu which experience directing “30 Days Night” and “of Caramel”, has brought more actual feeling to a film. Really, while the cinema moves in before to more dark and stronger territory, thus, we test a little, it is more under the threat than the basic relations.

What can we tell about a love trio in a leading role? Spectators will know undoubtedly each line and nuance from repeated consideration of first two and while there are no huge distinctions there are sensitive changes in actions. Lautner less contradicts, it is more opened courageous (and still a shirt), – still the maiden Stewart very much tries to find in misfortune, but has more considerably to make thanks to proceeding “situations” Edward/Jacob. That Pettinsona concerns, He a little more serious this time considering smaller quantity of sugary lines and a huge scene by the film end. “Others Cullens” are received more time of the screen, especially by Jackson Retboun, and Bruce Dallas, Howard short, but unforgettable as the altered Victoria.

Naturally, they, poor, the considering studio never in life would be dirty too much with strong intermediaries windows the formula, but it – is enough of her to save number interesting. More dark than previous two, and with hints during even more dark times to arrive, we – three quarters through number, and it yet does not become boring!



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Guardians of the Galaxy Sun, 10 Aug 2014 07:45:35 +0000 guardians of the galaxy movie

In case, you are mature enough to recollect when science fiction and comic books were fun, “Guardians of the Galaxy” will be your new most loved motion picture.


From Flash Gordon to Mad magazine, a curved wing of the starship American Enterprise guided popular society in a loopy course. Yet following the time when “Star Wars” reverted into daddy issues, sort diversion has gotten horrid and pretentious. Presently every popcorn motion picture has a dim focus, and now and then, it is the saint.


What is sheltered to say is that “Guardians of the Galaxy” is the most enchanting Marvel motion picture as such. The essential troupe (Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Bradley Cooper, and Vin Diesel) is maybe the most successful gathering of characters they have presented in any of these motion pictures in this way. Keeping in mind that it is difficult to evaluate their element, when you simply read their names together or even in cuts, before the end of the film, this is a family that I would cheerfully complete any number of films. I am not certain I’ve ever seen a film in which each real character takes each scene from each other significant character, however that is precisely what happens here. As my most established child said as we were driving home from the film and he was attempting to rundown the greater part of his most loved parts of the motion picture, “It’s similar to they’re all great parts!”


You likely should not know all else about the story than that. We get to meet different parts of the Nova Corps, we visit various planets, there is a staggeringly bizarre trek to the home of The Collector (Benicio Del Toro): there is a running subplot about Yondu (Michael Rooker) and whatever remains of the Ravagers that is extremely clever. We likewise learn a considerable amount about each of our broken leads, and it is that extremely quality that ties them together. Rocket is astringent about the experimentation that made him. Drax needs exact retribution for his crew. Plume misses Earth and he accuses himself for how things finished with his mother. Gamora is not the genuine girl of Thanos, yet rather a trophy asserted in fight, one who is prepared to fail him keeping in mind the end goal to make the best choice.

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A Good Day To Die Hard Tue, 19 Nov 2013 09:21:36 +0000 A Good Day To Die Hard

His estranged son has been arrested because he apparently committed a murder and he is preparing to fly to Moscow for his son. His daughter gives him an Idiot’s Travel Guide to Russia to guide him during his journey.

In my opinion, the director of this movie John Moore deserves an Idiot’s Guide to Die Hard movies!

It was in 1988 that the first movie was released and the reason why it is still loved is because it is completely simple. There is no nonsense at all!

However, with each successor of this movie, the standards fell. Now the fifth edition is simply ridiculous.

The entire action is in one day. Yes, the writer Skip Woods has squeezed all of it into one single day but what good did it do? There is absolutely no logic to the movie whatsoever. Chernobyl is 400 miles away from Moscow. Can you drive that distance in a couple of hours?!

The frantic car pursuit is what you should be looking out for in the movie because that is definitely the highlight. The scene is simply spectacular and you will love it. You will also see a shoot out in the hotel ballroom. In the climax, you will see an exploding chopper fireball too.

However, there is so much in between all these scenes that the story actually drags out. The interplay has no charm at all. You will be disappointed.

A Good Day To Die Hard trailler

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Iron Man 3 Thu, 19 Sep 2013 19:18:41 +0000 iron-man-3

Iron Man 3, as the name suggests is the sequel to the previous two Iron Man movies which won millions of fans around the globe. The third version of the movie is also released with much hype. Let us see if it satisfies the expectations of the fans.

The film is a superhero film with action sequences packed all over the 130 minutes of running time. Directed by Shane Black and produced by Kevin Fiege, the screenplay of the movie is written by Drew Pearce and Shane Black. The music of the movie is scored by Brian Tyler and he has performed a decent job similar to the other two Iron Man movies. The film was distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures and was released earlier this year. With 130 minutes of running time, the film longest running Iron Man film. The film has seen many positive reviews from all around the world and is declared both a commercial and critical success. The film is full of action sequences that are entertaining with very few glitches now and then.

iron-man-3 review

Nevertheless, the spectacular action keeps the audience thrilled and full credits goes to the Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr who carries the film in his shoulders.  The hero portrays a more challenging role with more brain power as he sees all other people of the universe having real super power. The use of technology in the entire film leaves you by surprise. Many new gadgets have been introduced and appear at unpredictable moments which keep the audience excited. The soundtrack is very good throughout the film and full credits to the music director for adding more depth and feel to the movie through the soundtrack. The few negatives of the film are the plot holes now and then. The director has left many aspects in the middle of nowhere.

iron-man-3 trailer

This does not help with the continuity of the film. Even though the story revolves around the main hero, importance should have been given to the opposite force as well. But the villain plays a very subtle role, thereby losing his stance. With surprise elements here and there, the film is enriched with all the factors necessary for making it a blockbuster hit. The action sequences and the performance of the lead role are the other reasons for the success of the movie. All credits to the director for giving out such a fast paced movie that is liked by almost all the people around the world. In addition to all the best action scenes, it is nice to see the hero coming out without iron man suit. Watch the film without expectation and you will be entertained throughout the film.

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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Fri, 14 Jun 2013 06:31:34 +0000 the-hobbit-an-unexpected-journey

Wrath of the Titans and Mirror and Snow White & The Huntsman, all of them proved to be dull and grim. Thankfully, this is not the end for the dwarf fans.

The Lovely Bones hit him hard but Peter Jackson seems to have recovered the blow. He has returned with beards, sorcery, and swords, and boy has he returned with a bang!

This movie does not burrow deep into The Lord Of The Rings but Jackson seems to have done a pretty good job with this movie. It stretches to three hours with two prologues. The plot may be delayed because of the prologues but it is even and smooth to the end.
In the first part, you will see the introduction of one of the foes of the trilogy in glimpses. In the second part, you will find Frodo and the aging Bilbo. The tale is passed down to the generation but is this a movie for the kids? Definitely not. The book may be for the younger generation but the movie is definitely not for them. This one takes the middle ground between the whims and the warning of the earlier films/later books.

The balance is simply perfect. You will see cute hedgehogs, chamomile tea, and singsongs but every now and then you will see hints of evils, which are impending and wolf-monsters that will glue you to your seat.


Jackson’s 3D is simply state-of-the-art in this move. This is the director’s first attempt at stereoscopy and he has done wonderfully. You will be immersed in the movie throughout with a little cutout quality here and there to pull you out of that world.

Both the characters are pretty well portrayed but both Elijah Wood’s Frodo and Freeman’s Bilbo are whingers. However, this has also worked in his favor to show off some comic elements of the movie.

There is perfect balance between everything and you will never feel exasperated at any point of time. There are points in the movie when you feel that the performance is going down hill or is being lost but such points are instantly revived by something dramatic. Bilbo boasts of his mettle and wit throughout the movie but there is also authentic anxiety, which again balances things out pretty well.
Freeman’s performance is excellent in the movie and showcases that all the emotion and the challenges will go hand. “Home is now behind you,” Gandalf says to Bilbo. “The world is ahead.”

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey trailer

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G.I. Joe: Retaliation Wed, 24 Apr 2013 19:26:23 +0000

Not many people even wanted a sequel to G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra but here it is. Want it or not, you won’t be able to ignore it because of the numerous posters everywhere portraying The Rock.

The Rock is usually not cast for his sentimentality. Don’t worry, there is absolutely no sentimentality in this sequel. He sweats and strains as he overcomes scuffles on his way. Mind you, everything is just as absurd as the first movie. You won’t believe it but in one scene, the absurdity is actually worse!

The original came out in 2009 and if you can’t remember a lot about it you don’t need to worry because the sequel begins with a harder reminder of the original. Everything in this movie has been scripted as if to tarp the attention span of a 13-year-old teenager.
What are the basics? Channing Tatum leads the G.I. Joes who are framed because they assassinated the Pakistani President.

You will find too many fist fights and cleavage and ridiculous styles and so on in this movie. The subtitle Retaliation is actually apt owing to the fact that the franchise is literally fighting to stay in the game. The only thing to look forward to is the 3D post conversion and the Himalaya scrap.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation trailer

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Skyfall Wed, 06 Mar 2013 15:20:03 +0000

Bond is back after a long hiatus and you’d think the move to reintroduce him is daring especially because his best days are seemingly over. However, this movie is audacious and deconstructs him and his iconography in a very surprising manner.

To start off with, Daniel Craig hunts for sensitive information, which the enemy operative has and in a bid to do that he annihilates a vast part of Istanbul. This suggests that the Bond still has it in him to keep you hooked even though he lost it in the middle with Quantum of Solace. However, don’t get happy too soon. Someone shoots James Bond accidentally from his side and he plunges from a moving train’s roof right into titles full of tombstones, skulls, etc. designed by Daniel Kleinman.

Oh yeah, just like always, James Bond survives. However, he is not who he was. He now has bloodshot eyes and unshaven chops and is nothing like before. He goes through a whole set of horrors such as scorpion-baiting drinking games, and he ultimately collapses. Now dangling from the undercarriage of an ascending elevator is also very painful and uncomfortable, making him wince.

Casino Royale helped Bond find his grip and Skyfall will help him remember that he left it back there. The enemy on the other hand is seen desperate to cross the finish line and Jimmy is still trying to put on his trainers.

Javier Bardem’s Silva has an M fixation and is a dodgy dentist with shockingly blond hair. This rate creation is actually a cyber-terrorist and is sure to terrify you. However, his playful side will tickle a funny bone or two.

The mid-section of the movie has been shot in London, exposing its architecture in a classic chase scene where Bond pursues Silva through a sewer, a tunnel, and Tube. However, subtle comedy is there throughout. Skyfall can be rightly described as a hoot thanks to its mortality imitations.

There are two commendable scenes in the movie: one of them is the scene in which he anticipates the use of one of the most famous and the oldest of gizmos of the series and the other one is Albert Finney’s appearance close to the end. His appearance brings some good humor and warmth to the movie as it comes to a close.

Skyfall trailer

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Life of Pi – review Wed, 30 Jan 2013 20:39:26 +0000 Life-Of-Pi

Ang Lee, the famous filmmaker form Taiwan is among the most versatile of all times. One moment he will come up with a martial arts movie and next moment, he will make a movie about a spy. One moment you see him make a movie, which describes a gay relationship and the next, you will see that he has made a movie about the US civil war.

He started off in 1990s and got established very well. Today, his popularity seems to grow with each movie that he releases because each movie has a charm of its own, which is very difficult to beat.

His styles vary each and every time so that he can bring in new subjects. A few themes may be recurrent such as family disruptions and young people struggling through physical and moral challenges but you will find no obsession at any point of time. Not only does he make sure that the image quality is superb, he gives close attention to the language too.


Yet another proof of his standards is his latest film, adopted from the famous novel written by Yann Martel, Life of Pi, which was adapted by David Magee, an American writer who has many films to his credit such as Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day and Finding Neverland. Right from the very beginning to the end, the movie is dripping in magic and mystery. The 3D effects only make it better. The tone of the movie is just like that of Robinson Crusoe, which Laurence Sterne re-wrote.

Both the central characters got their names by an accident, which was rather comical. The main character, Piscine, is played by three different actors, each representing a different age (Gautam Belur is the five-year-old, Ayush Tondon is the twelve-year-old and Suraj Sharma is the sixteen-year-old Piscine). He was named Piscine after the famous swimming pool in Paris, Piscine Molitor, because it was his uncle’s favorite pool.  However, he later decided to change his name to the mysterious number and Greek letter Pi because his fellow schoolboys made a lot of fun of him and passes pissing jokes because of his name. Later on, he sees a Bengal Tiger in the zoo, which is caught by Richard Parker, the English hunter.


Pi starts a spiritual journey soon as he is influenced by the meaning of life and religion as he grows up. The very curious boy and his religious journey are showed with respectful wit in this movie. He refuses to take up his father’s rationalism and makes up an all-new religion, which is basically an amalgamation of Islam, Christianity, and Hinduism. His faith goes through testing times as his father is forced into relinquishing the family zoo. Here Pi realizes that he was no different from the animals there in that he was also nothing more than a captive.

The adventure is simply epic and you will thoroughly enjoy the survival stores, which makes about half the movie. Don’t expect it to be along the lines of Peaceable Kingdom, in which the lion and the lamb end up sleeping together peacefully. This is extremely different and Pi has to learn how to grow accustomed to it. The 3D used is utterly fantastic and so are the remaining graphics. The technicians in Lee’s team have made the movie what it is – life-like. Pi Spends 227 days at the sea and is tested spiritually, mentally, and physically. Suraj Sharma has done justice to the role.

Life of Pi trailer

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Review on Dredd Sun, 16 Dec 2012 08:21:38 +0000 dredd

Judge Dredd’s 1995 adaptation did not at all get it correct, nor was it even close. The scum-riddled, rusted streets of the Mega City One – a largely dying metropolis and addled with so many violent crimes – were too stagey and too clean. The plot was too cloudy or complicated.

The performance of Stallone was too amazing as well as heroic. Stallone even removed his helmet. John Wagner, one amongst the co-creators of this project, really dismissed Dredd by saying, “Judge Dredd wasn’t really Judge Dredd.” But eventually and thankfully, that project’s failure led to a film which is really Judge Dredd.

If anybody is simply unacquainted with either the classic comic series of 2000AD or the dismal adaptation of Stallone, Judge Dredd is actually set in an amazing dystopian future, in which large parts of America has already become an illuminated wasteland. But humanity refuses to stop surviving. Mega City One, a huge entrenched metropolis located in the East Coast consists of 400 citizens. Crime has become norm there.

Fallen to the scum and gangs in such broken future the only ray of hope related to order sticks with The Judges. Individuals contributed with the great power of punishing and providing sentence to criminals on the very spot. Dredd is undoubtedly the most exacting and amongst the fiercest sort of legal or law enforcement.

Dredd never strains its set up. Mega City has really a unique bleached feel in it and it was shot entirely in South Africa. There is so much heat that the complete landscape seems to be baking due to the fallout. This movie earns this much effective sense of situation and place mainly without any kind of elaborate or intricate special effects. The film is a low budget one but it seems to be its greatest strength. Like Christopher Nolan’s Gotham city, it is also recognizably a real one. Than a coldly fabricated distant world by computer imageries, it actually feels like a nightmarish and amazingly projected reality.


Without even capturing any spectacular Pete Travis through Dredd has created a concussive and concentrated action sequence of just 90 minutes long.

Mega City One’s skyline is entirely dominated by the City Blocks – huge 200 storey housing complexes, warring gang factions and sheltering the poor. Almost all of the film was shot in one of these city blocks and close to the sounding Peach Trees. Dredd in cooperation with Anderson involves himself in an investigation of triple homicide, a routine one. They investigate a cadet narrowly failing her test in becoming a judge though she is being provided with another chance due to her incredible psychic abilities. Anderson as well as Dredd immediately apprehends the murderer though they got trapped within the Peach Trees by the psychotic prostitute-turned-overlord of that building Ma-Ma as she is afraid of the revelation of everything by the prisoner under interrogation. Dredd has to climb up floor number 200 from the first floor to escape and in this process he arrests Ma-Ma.

The simple yet elegant conceit is one of the greatest strength of this movie. People who like to attend spectacle as summer blockbusters might be a little bit upset because this movie does not feature anything unique. No single standout set piece of actions is present in this film and having similarities in plot structure Dredd faces comparisons with The Raid – a jaw dropping, amazing action movie.

Though the action is not at all amazing in Dredd, the violence shown in this film is worth watching. The faces of the criminals are torn apart by the bullets in just slow motion and they collide with concrete at so much high velocity. Even at one pint of time, from a wound blood splashes over the frame’s edge as if it would splatter the onlookers too. The 3D helps in watching the violence more clearly. The world of MCO really needs to be this much brutal so that the extreme form of enforcement by Judge Dredd becomes legitimate.

Dredd trailler

Karl Urban is the best and perfect choice for the role of Dredd. He is not only terse but also unstoppable and grizzled. Alex Garland has produced a fantastic source material-sensitive and smart script. The key moments of actions are punctuated with sardonic quips and witty one-liners. The betrayal of the characters is smartly avoided. Dredd does enforce the law. He’s performing his job so well that the result would be grimace but not a conceited pun. It is really refreshing and it also helps the character in emerging more intimidating.

Dredd’s character is actually held purposely distant from the viewers. The very decision of leaving the helmet on during the whole film works. He is an excellent forbidden examiner from Anderson’s perspective. On their first meet Anderson is readily asked to read the mind of Dredd just to demonstrate her interesting psychic abilities’ extent. Anderson’s description broadly and clearly sketches out Dredd’s character. But when Anderson is going to unearth his veiled motivations, she is cut off by the Chief Justice. It clearly hints at the deeper character present there but it is deliberately kept obscured. The decision of keeping his helmet on during the entire film underscore Dredd’s character and people sinks in that purposed ambiguity.

Olivia Thirlby is also the perfect cast by the director for the role of Anderson. She’s an emotional and sympathetic counterpoint of to the remoteness of Dredd. Anderson nicely uses her impressing psychic abilities and met out her very own forms of justice. Lena Headey does absolute justice to her role of Ma-Ma, a disfigured prostitute. Lena Headway is famous for her role-playing of Cersei Lannister in the movie Game of Thrones. Ma-Ma clawed her own way just to become the Peach Trees’ peerless boss. For Dredd she is really the perfect and potent antagonist. But ultimately Ma-Ma is simply there to keep the plot moving.

Dredd is primarily a character study. His character is fueled by action and violence. This character of Dredd keeps the audience stuck to their seats with curiosity, amazement, attention and surprise. There would never be any other better way of re-introducing Dredd’s character to cinema viewers.

Dredd trailer

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