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The Other Guys

The film begins as not quite ordinary police history. Allen Gamble and Terry Hoytz are the New York police detectives, which lead police accounts. They sit in the office and fulfill paperwork while their brave colleagues catch criminals and solve problems. Gamble likes such kind of work and Hoytz hates it. But time presses and […]

When in Rome

“When in Rome” is a perky romantic comedy. It incidentally draws on the religious heritage of the Eternal City. Actually, the title of the film is not the only idiom that can be found. In fact, one can notice that the film makes use of every common element from the romantic comedy that is really […]

The Perfect Game

The “perfect game” is a story of a base ball team from Mexico that under the leadership of a goal driven coach and lead by the spiritual guidance of a priest travel across to the U.S to participate in the 1957 little league Tournament. The team was able to achieve some unexpected victories and finally […]