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“The Losers” – Humorous Action Comedy

Director Sylvain White portrays a humorous action comedy of a group of special force soldiers who get cheated by a spymaster. The special force soldiers (Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Chris Evans, Columbus Short, Oscar Jaenada and Idris Elba are on a mission under the command of a spymaster Max who betrays them at some point of […]

Comedy with Low Humor and Extravagant Wit – Death at a Funeral

The film altogether depicts a style of comedy with low humor and extravagant wit. It represents a series of events faced by a family when they gather at a family funeral of their family head. Chris Rock and Martin Lawrence play the role of two disaffected brothers. Their family and friends (mainly Tracy Morgan, Danny […]

Romantic Comedy “The Back-Up Plan”

The movie “Back-Up Plan” may have a caption that it’s a romantic comedy but the truth is that it is neither romantic nor comedic. The whole story is dull and predictable for any normal audience. You cannot find anything that creates interest in this movie. In the movie, actress Jennifer Lopez portrays the role of […]