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Reviewing Cowboys and Aliens

Just like all other releases of this summer, the new action-thriller Cowboys and Aliens is based a comic, which is not very famous. Directed by Jon Favreau, who also directed other comic-based movies, such as Iron Man and Iron Man 2, the film revealed the goodness of the movie is better when focused on characters.

Thor – a Review

Themovie Thor pictures the god of thunder, Thor, enacted by Chris Hemsworth and about his unmatched powers. He is the son of Odin (Anthiny Hopkins) and has a hammer which gives him special powers and Odin sees his son worthy enough to be the next ruler. His brother Loki, enacted by Tom Hiddleston in the […]

Super 8 – a Review

The Super 8 can be considered as one of the best movies that were released during the summer time. It is unique and much different from all other movies that had been released in the previous summer times. The simple approach used in the movie is what makes it so different from the others. They […]