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Green Hornet

Britt Reid, the son of the media magnate, leads a fast life during whole days happily, until his father, James Reid, dies suddenly. Now Britt has to inherit his business. Another shock waits for Britt, when he meets Kato, who worked for his father for many years. Together, they become superheroes out of any laws. […]

Love and Other Drugs

«Love and Other Drugs» is a new work of producer Edward Zwick, who is known by such outstanding films as «Legends of the Fall» and «The Last Samurai», is imbued by romance and sexual pleasures. Zwick raises global problems in his films and this picture is not an exception. An actual theme about merciless pharmaceutical […]

Morning glory

There are such films, which give such a positive charge, that a smile appears on the face arbitrarily and remains such pleasant aftertaste, that certain not good moments, which are met in life, can be forgotten and in general you begin to feel yourself differently. A «Morning glory» relates to such kind of films for […]

Life as we know it

Life is very changeable and unpredictable thing. That is why it is such a valuable thing. But in 21 century people used to plan even unexpectedness. Everything is assigned in advance: time to study, time to marry, time to work and time to have children. As it turned out, our life’s plan is written for […]

Saw 3D

«Saw» is the unique phenomenon of cinematography. Some continuations die away already on the second part; new subjects do not attract an audience even despite huge budgets and presence of the special effects. «Saw» survived by other way». First of all, it is a subject, which with every new part, form up the row of […]