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A tough guy Jason Statham returns to the big screens again in order to show his abilities and skills, surprising and delighting a viewer by power, adroitness, charisma and sharpness of his character. This time a popular actor appears in the role of desperate and skilled killer under the name of «Mechanic», who is used […]

True Grit

Tendency for depicting life stories of teenage girls is rather trendy these days. Coen brothers presented the western film called “True Grit” in 2010, and the film was primarily about a teenage girl as well. However, they went far from conventional roads beaten by Peter Jackson’s “Lovely Bones”, Matt Reeves’ “Let Me In” and so […]

The Eagle

Glory, courage, honor, valor, loyalty… All these are inherent in the historical film, which draws realities of past, forgotten a long ago and gone in ancients years for an audience. Empires were obliterated, states sunk in sands of time, and heroes went away to nonexistence. But a man possesses one invaluable quality. His curiosity always […]

London Boulevard

It is difficult to cheat oneself, to assure that you gonna «quit» and begin your life with a clean sheet of paper. You return to the same streets, to the same acquaintances and almost to the same businesses. Your life will not leave you; will not give you to change your essence. In fact, the […]

Little Fockers

Children grew, every family lives by its life and a birthday of little Fockers comes and all big and friendly family will arrive to celebrate it. Name of the film is not quite exactly fit, because film tells us more about relationships between Greg Focker and Jack Byrnes, than about little Fockers. Jack decides to […]

The fighter

«The fighter» is a biographic film about not popular among great masses of people boxer Micky Ward, who became famous due to his fights with Arturo Gatti, having become his friend afterwards. It is not clear, what pushed the creators to shoot a movie about a man, who is not a legend in the world […]