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How Do You Know?

If you don’t know what to watch in the movies after a hard working day, “How do you know?” is a solution to your problem. It is an easy-to-watch, light melodrama that Hollywood produces each year. But still there is something in this movie that distinguishes it from others. Which is first of all a […]

I’m number four

«I am Number Four» is a novel of mysterious Pittacus Lor, which remained in the list of the best sellers by version of New York Times during 5 weeks. It opens a whole cycle of new adventures of a young man with magic abilities, which is already prepared for publication.


As it is known, there is the serious crisis of original ideas in Hollywood last time. Different sequels, prequels, continuations of the forgotten films a long ago are multiplied in order to catch up something potentially profitable. A light spot in this gloomy kingdom of inconsolable collapse of originality is a creation of producer Jaume […]

Drive angry

Without any wearisome prehistory, without any overextended prologues and without any explanations what goes on, this brilliant and incredibly spectacular action starts from tough scene of elimination of couple, who participated in the kidnapping of the main hero’s grandchild. Appearance of Nicolas Cage in this character causes a great delight. A tough mixture of Ghost […]

Gnomeo and Juliet

This funny and exciting story was screened numerous times with the most different interpretations. But this time the story turned to us totally unique and wonderful piece of art. Red and Blue garden gnomes live on the neighboring gardens of their owners with all famous second names. They fight between themselves with different means and […]


Sooner or later each of us thinks about eternal things. A lot of clever, foolish, great and funny films about sense of life are shot. There is neither pathos nor reclamation in «Stone». It seems like a man with a camera was behind each of heroes some time and shot a few days from life […]