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“Hereafter” is a 2010 deep and atmospheric drama rated PG-13. Its gross box office (including foreign) reached $61,747,000 as of January 30, 2011. A task of creating films that reveal even the very deep aspects of life in general, including all the downsides and misfortune, severity and reality – demands involvement of the greatest masters, […]


Maybe not everything is lost. A film is just marvelous, unbelievable, amazing. This is a movie, which was shot for 15 thousands dollars, but it looks more deserving than many films for hundreds millions. In fact, despite title, the film, banally, is about other things. On the background of war between people and «octopuses» expands […]

127 hours

Oscar holder Danny Boyle understands perfectly, that modern viewers, who are surfeited with the special effects and mysticism, become interested in chamber stories about life of ordinary people, who get to the fringe situation. Perfectly accepted pictures of this year such as «Frozen» of Adam Green and «Buried» of Rodrigo Cortés just confirm this obvious […]


First of all, it is needed to notice that «Skyline» is a creative forward step for the producers Strause brothers. Their previous-debut opus « AVPR: Aliens vs Predator – Requiem » was a wild botch. And it was just surprising, that skilled special effect specialists shoot absolutely inconsistent movie not only from artistic point of […]


“Sanctum” is the movie by Alister Grierson who also directed other ones that many people like such as “Titanic”, “Avatar” and “Abyss”. The plot is really unpretentious at first sight. A group of speleologists is exploring a complex of caves in Africa trying to find the place where the underground river running through these caves […]

Blue Valentine

From characteristics that describe a 2010 romantic drama “Blue Valentine” best are tender, and sensually overwhelming. The picture is sincere to unbelievable extent. Director and screenwriter Derek Cianfrance managed to deliver a comprehensive and life-striking romance study. The film has received in generally positive opinions expressed by viewers and critics worldwide. Its overall gross box […]