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The Warrior’s Way

Mixing of cultures was always a good theme in film-making. Mentality is different as well as way of life, values and traditions. Mutual penetration of these aspects into each other provides a certain rate for a movie success in spite of its other drawbacks. The same thing happened to our movie.

Gulliver’s Travels

You must admit that nowadays there are many movies based on the same plot: the main hero gets into a new community; there he pretends to be a different person, not the one who he is; under the stressful circumstances he loses a game and everybody turns their back on him; after long reflection he […]

Black Swan

Real art requires victims. Scenic space has two sides. External, which we used to, — it is charming action, making to feel with cry and laugh, inspiring on the sincerest heartfelt gusts. A reverse side, however, it is paradoxically, contains much more: creative searches, human relations, boundless seas of tears and bloody sudor, which way […]

Let me in. Saga

There is nothing romantic neither in vampires no in drug addicts! The main heroine of this film is a girl named Abby (Chloe Moretz). She is twelve. Her mother died. Together with her dad she constantly moves from place to place. She loves conundrums, she is sick of candies, she does not like to be […]

Green Zone

Green Zone is an enigmatic denomination for many people. Not many people know true meaning of this phrase. And a greater part of people has never heard about it. Green Zone is the general name of the International area of Iraq, which occupies about 10 square kilometers in the center of Baghdad, which was located […]