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Recently, there is a style to shoot actions and thrillers about CIA agents, espionage conspiracies and also secret operations in the American cinema. In this case, producer Robert Schwentke not only gives a due to the fashion, making such movie, but also together with Sylvester Stallone and his «The Expendables» chooses actors over 50 for […]

Country Strong

The first drama movie to be seen in 2011 is “Country Strong”. Its director, Shana Feste, stated in interview that the drama’s protagonist, country singer lady, was inspired by pop celebrity singer and actress Britney Spears. It was released internationally on 1/07/2011 and by the time of the second weekend in theaters, its gross is […]

Yogi Bear

One of the last 3D-premiers in 2010 is the animation film “Yogi Bear”. It can be treated like a movie screen reworking of The Yogi Bear TV show, but generally it is a fresh fascinating stand-alone story involving well-known characters from that show. By the time this review is compiled (January 16), its international gross […]

The Tourist

In 2007 the owner of «Oscar» in the nomination « The best film in foreign language» became « The Lives of Others» of the German producer with difficult long name Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck.

Tron Legasy

A world-illusion is not quite new theme itself. It is dream, which becomes reality, journey, transporting to other world or, for example, game, absorbing you wholly. There are illusions in which you can die innumerable amount times. There are illusions, where it is not known what would be if somebody dies there, therefore it scares. […]

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

Do you believe in fairy tales? Such kind of fairy tales and nice stories which tell about victory of good over evil. The way of protagonist is always prejudged there; magic creatures always help him and case is interfered in the fate of the hero all the time. Do you believe in such fairy tales? […]

Due Date

This film is «Road movie». The scheme of this film is clear. Two or a few heroes ride from point A to point B. And there are a lot of adventures on their way. But such films are too many and all of them become comedies of low class.