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Probably, everybody used to the stereotypes, that everybody is satisfied with their life, that everybody goes to work and do it with pleasure, gets a good salary in correct America. However, it is not true… There live exactly similar people, as we are! They are people, who have similar muddles, problems, dissatisfaction, snobbery, and irresponsibility […]


He refused to die and returned for the sake of one only — the blood feud. After the impertinent bank robbery gang of robbers was attacked by the other gang. Money was stolen; all participants of robbery were killed.


Tangled is just a marvelous beautiful, charming, funny and kind cartoon film! It does not try to be ultra-modern and sharp. However, it is specimen of Disney, which everybody knows and loves by its essence and structure!


It is sufficient one charisma villain to make this autumn brighter and colorful. Dream Works Animation and Paramount Pictures have him!

Love and other drugs

Love and other drugs is a movie which is screened basing on the book of Jeremy Reidy “Hard Sell: The Evolution of a Viagra Salesman”. It describes his experience of working as a sales representative in a pharmacological company Pfizer and all the hardships of this job. Charles Randolph (the interpreter) adapted a script of […]


This fall writer and director Steven Antin would like to present you his debut movie Burlesque. It is already an all sides directed story about a young girl from a small town in Iowa who has huge ambitions and decides to hit a big city to fulfill her ideas as a singer. When she was […]

The Next Three Days

“The Next Three Days” is the one of most highly-anticipated thrillers of this autumn. Despite of the fact it is a remake of French film “Pour Elle” (2007), Hollywood’s interpretation drew much more attention even though it received mixed reviews among viewers and critics.

The American

One more time Anton Corbijn created shocking masterpiece. If «Control» is an ideal embodiment of black-and-white photo, that «American» is an ideal color decision of frozen reality.


If a weak and stupid man is cruel, it is disgusting. But if a clever and bold man is cruel, it is terrifically. Such a man is obliged to be kind… Many important life problems are lighted in the film of Gregor Jordan. It is possible to think whole eternity above these problems, writing next […]