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A devil is the utmost evil; it is something behind the edge of the human understanding. He can be anywhere, invisible, but insidious invariably, cruel and merciless. To take for basis of the movie vague fear before him and try to develop it to perceptible horror is outstanding task. It is difficult to play the […]

You Again

Marni was pimpled barnacled looser at school. Her life was a nightmare because of Joanna. Time passed, Marni became beautiful and successful. She goes home for her favorite brother wedding and along the way she finds out that his fiancée is that Joanna! This girl is very even likable, but as soon as Marni remembers […]

Easy A

That would be too early to await from Easy A the same success that followed the John Hughes’ classic comedies for teenagers of the 1980-s. His films have considerably influenced the genre, being time-tested due to avoiding simplifications, platitudes and attracting audience of different ages. But having watched amazingly done Easy A  only once, I […]

Wall Street Money never sleeps

Market economy is a system, containing such number of complications and nuances, that, probably, whole life will not be enough, to understand them to the end. And with every year this system becomes more complicated, plugging in itself more and more links. Destabilization of one link results in violation of work of all other links.

Alpha and Omega

Wolf, howling at the moon, immortalized in myth and legend as a symbol of lonely love. It is not surprising that the creators of the cartoon “Alpha and Omega” chose wolves as main characters. Well written characters helped to reveal the romantic nature of these animals, each of which is behaving like human in some […]

Legend of the Guardians

Every kid in childhood believes in miracles and magic by all heart, and that good always wins evil. But… some time all children grow and legends become ordinary flashbacks or forgotten at all, dreams move away to background and usual grey weekdays begin. Protagonist of this movie is an owlet Soren, who prepares to adult […]

Chéri movie review

Stephen Frears, who is known by «Dangerous Liaisons» has a great sense of taste. And this time his movie «Chéri» is very stylish, elegant and affecting film. This is a story about not quite ordinary love, about which, maybe, many people dream but it is possible to know about it from books and films only.

My soul to take

Wes Craven is a man, presented us a trilogy «Scream» and Freddy Krueger, a man, who presented us a fear. It was impossible to go up on dark stairs upstairs in the porch, or to go to the bathroom at night, and it was terrible to hear «Hello, Sidni!!!» picking up the phone.

The Town

There is one district in Boston. Its general area is one square mile, but it is notable by not its size. The point is that Charleston (the district of the largest city in the Massachusetts state) is a place, where the biggest quantity of specialists in burglary of banks area dwell, creating enough impressionable statistics […]