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”The A-Team” – Senseless Violence, Grandmother Punching and Puppy Kicking Sessions

Finally, after a week of rotten movies, I got a chance to see a re-incarnated version of history’s cheesiest action series. Yes folks, this week’s movie is none other than “The A-Team” and it certainly doesn’t have 2 hours of senseless violence, grandmother punching and puppy kicking sessions. I consider myself to be lucky, like […]

Some Remarkable Lines on “The Wolfman”

Alright folks, when there’s a movie by the name of “The Wolfman”, our expectations are quite limited but at least on the bright side, you can expect actors like; Benecio Del Toro, pulling the hair out of those thrilling foggy streets, and some remarkable lines from legends like; Anthony Hopkins. History has seen those moments […]

“Buddy” Cop Action/Comedy Movie – “Cop Out”

This week is all about reviewing a “buddy” cop action/comedy movie – Cop Out. I have to admit, I watched this flick after getting done with “Shutter Island” so my attention was diverted somewhere else. But on the bright side, for a movie like “Cop Out”, you don’t need a lot of concentration. And I […]

“A Nightmare on Elm Street” Another Review of Best Selling Movie

This week’s movie review doesn’t require a lot of introduction; we’re just going to let you in on a 5 liner poem… One Two – Freddy’s coming for you… Three Four – Better Lock your door Five Six – Grab a crucifix Seven Eight – Better stay up late Nine Ten – Never sleep again […]

Killers Review

Ashton Kutcher is playing the role of Spencer, a gorgeous spy in Killers. He has a perfect body and got used to hang out with hot models as well as drive fancy cars. It is considered to be his style of life when he is not killing bad guys. Once he meets Jen (Katherine Heigl). […]

Repo Men – Futuristic Thriller

Director Miguel Sapochink’s Repo Men is a futuristic thriller based on a novel written by Eric Garcia. The movie is based on the story of two men who are employed in a corporation called The Union, were their task is to repossess the artificial human organs from those recipients who have failed to pay the […]

Horrors of “Splice”

Human cloning has always been a controversial topic. The Catholic Church has taken a strong stand against any attempt to clone humans and they say that man should not “play God” when it comes to cloning. We have seen many films in Hollywood on the subject human cloning. Director Vincenzo Natali’s “Splice” is another movie […]

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Director Samuel Bayer’s new attempt would not be pleasing to most audiences. The film gives too much importance for violence and immortality and there are many occasions in the movie where crude and abusive language is used, thus making it unworthy to watch. If you are going to watch the movie with the expectation of […]

Tyler Perry’s Why Did I get Married Too?

Writer and director Tyler Perry is back again with the sequel of his 2007 hit “Why did I get married”. Similar to the first version, this movie is also about the different challenges that the couples have to face in their marriage life. The lead characters in the film are four couples. Each of them […]

MacGruber – Action Thriller

Are you looking forward for an action thriller? Then it would be wise to avoid this film as there is nothing much to entertain in the movie. Director Jorma Taccone’s attempt to make an action movie on the skit “Saturday Night Live” does not achieve much success. The whole story is based on the life […]