The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey


Wrath of the Titans and Mirror and Snow White & The Huntsman, all of them proved to be dull and grim. Thankfully, this is not the end for the dwarf fans.

The Lovely Bones hit him hard but Peter Jackson seems to have recovered the blow. He has returned with beards, sorcery, and swords, and boy has he returned with a bang!

This movie does not burrow deep into The Lord Of The Rings but Jackson seems to have done a pretty good job with this movie. It stretches to three hours with two prologues. The plot may be delayed because of the prologues but it is even and smooth to the end.
In the first part, you will see the introduction of one of the foes of the trilogy in glimpses. In the second part, you will find Frodo and the aging Bilbo. The tale is passed down to the generation but is this a movie for the kids? Definitely not. The book may be for the younger generation but the movie is definitely not for them. This one takes the middle ground between the whims and the warning of the earlier films/later books.

The balance is simply perfect. You will see cute hedgehogs, chamomile tea, and singsongs but every now and then you will see hints of evils, which are impending and wolf-monsters that will glue you to your seat.


Jackson’s 3D is simply state-of-the-art in this move. This is the director’s first attempt at stereoscopy and he has done wonderfully. You will be immersed in the movie throughout with a little cutout quality here and there to pull you out of that world.

Both the characters are pretty well portrayed but both Elijah Wood’s Frodo and Freeman’s Bilbo are whingers. However, this has also worked in his favor to show off some comic elements of the movie.

There is perfect balance between everything and you will never feel exasperated at any point of time. There are points in the movie when you feel that the performance is going down hill or is being lost but such points are instantly revived by something dramatic. Bilbo boasts of his mettle and wit throughout the movie but there is also authentic anxiety, which again balances things out pretty well.
Freeman’s performance is excellent in the movie and showcases that all the emotion and the challenges will go hand. “Home is now behind you,” Gandalf says to Bilbo. “The world is ahead.”

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey trailer

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