Bond is back after a long hiatus and you’d think the move to reintroduce him is daring especially because his best days are seemingly over. However, this movie is audacious and deconstructs him and his iconography in a very surprising manner.

To start off with, Daniel Craig hunts for sensitive information, which the enemy operative has and in a bid to do that he annihilates a vast part of Istanbul. This suggests that the Bond still has it in him to keep you hooked even though he lost it in the middle with Quantum of Solace. However, don’t get happy too soon. Someone shoots James Bond accidentally from his side and he plunges from a moving train’s roof right into titles full of tombstones, skulls, etc. designed by Daniel Kleinman.

Oh yeah, just like always, James Bond survives. However, he is not who he was. He now has bloodshot eyes and unshaven chops and is nothing like before. He goes through a whole set of horrors such as scorpion-baiting drinking games, and he ultimately collapses. Now dangling from the undercarriage of an ascending elevator is also very painful and uncomfortable, making him wince.

Casino Royale helped Bond find his grip and Skyfall will help him remember that he left it back there. The enemy on the other hand is seen desperate to cross the finish line and Jimmy is still trying to put on his trainers.

Javier Bardem’s Silva has an M fixation and is a dodgy dentist with shockingly blond hair. This rate creation is actually a cyber-terrorist and is sure to terrify you. However, his playful side will tickle a funny bone or two.

The mid-section of the movie has been shot in London, exposing its architecture in a classic chase scene where Bond pursues Silva through a sewer, a tunnel, and Tube. However, subtle comedy is there throughout. Skyfall can be rightly described as a hoot thanks to its mortality imitations.

There are two commendable scenes in the movie: one of them is the scene in which he anticipates the use of one of the most famous and the oldest of gizmos of the series and the other one is Albert Finney’s appearance close to the end. His appearance brings some good humor and warmth to the movie as it comes to a close.

Skyfall trailer

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