When in Rome

“When in Rome” is a perky romantic comedy. It incidentally draws on the religious heritage of the Eternal City. Actually, the title of the film is not the only idiom that can be found. In fact, one can notice that the film makes use of every common element from the romantic comedy that is really necessary in order to succeed. As a matter of fact, the film is not considered to be mold breaking or stellar, but still it involves some pieces that can be regarded as an excellent addition to the genre.

St. Mary Magdalene is a church of the 17th century that colloquially known as La Maddalena. It is the place where the marriage ceremony is taken place due to which two main characters of the film meet each other for the first time and fall in love.

Kristen Bell plays the role of Beth who is considered to be a curator of Guggenheim Museum in New York. As a matter of fact, she takes 48 hours of personal time in order to attend the wedding of her sister Joan. She falls for Nick who turns to be a best man. As a result, she has to get his attention as previously she had several relationships that ended with failure.

When wading through the waters “Fountain of Love,” Beth demonstrates her cynicism through removing a few coins that were tossed by passers-by customarily into the basin in order to have good luck in life. According to the fanciful mythology of the film, this gesture leads to hopelessly infatuation of four eccentric strangers to her.

So as a result, Beth occurs in the situation in which she is incongruously wooed as well as pursued by street magician Lance, sausage magnate Al, would-be model Gale that is admired by his own physique and aspiring artist Antonio. The most interesting here is that all four are from New York like Beth.

Despite the fact that Nick regains trust of Beth with the help of explanation of his current misbehavior, another obstacle happens. As a matter of fact, she suspects a poker chip that she found in the fountain which belongs to him meaning that he is not free and is under a spell.

Father Dino is a slightly pixilated priest who also plays an important role in the film. Actually, he performs the wedding of Umberto and Joan. You will be able to see him at the end of the film, i.e. in a few last-reel scenes. In fact, he appears for some gentle ribbing. But in essence he plays a role of an appealing character.

Actually, When in Rome has its own charm. Probably the film will manage to please lovers of romantic comedies. The film involves a funny as well as charming supporting cast that includes a lot of actors that are known to many viewers and probably one of them, is your favorite. In fact, the comedy is full of laughs. In other words one can say that it will be a romantic and sweet trip for you.

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