To Rome with Love


Allen’s latest, a situational comedy, consists of four vignettes that are all set in the beautiful city of Rome. The cast includes famous Hollywood stars like Alec Baldwin, Jesse Eisenberg, Penelope Cruz, Ellen Page, Judy Davis and Roberto Benigni.

Director Woody Allen’s new movie To Rome with Love is beaming and quick, with some of the sharpest discourses and acting that has been screened in the last few years. In the previous decade, Allen has directed two good movies: Match Point and Midnight in Paris. The movie softly moves back and forwards between a loving comedy and mocking farce. The film casts Roberto Benigni, Penelope Cruz and Alec Baldwin. The movie begins with Showing Penelope Cruz as a hooker who tries to showcase herself as a wife of the new groom Alessandro Tiberi in order to dupe his conventional family. And so continues the comedy amidst clashes between the family and the wife and a series of hilarious events that take place in the process.

To Rome with Love narrates four different stories which not connected with each other but are intercut. The four plots connect a youthful small-town Italian couple who visit Rome right after their marriage; a retired opera director (Allen) and his wife who come to Rome to be with their their daughter and meet her fiancé and his parents, who has fallen in love with a youthful Italian lawyer; a famed architect (Alec Baldwin) who interject himself into the existence of an young U.S. architecture student staying  in Rome; and an normal citizen (Roberto Benigni) who overnight mysteriously finds himself to be a major celebrity chased by paparazzi.

The incidents all happen to be in the same city. One section of the movie centre’s around on the passionate time of promising architect Jack (Jesse Eisenberg), who has just arrived at Rome for motivation. He resides with his girlfriend, Sally (Greta Gerwig), but his faithfulness is lured when her very best friend, Monica (Ellen Page), comes in to stay with them. The sprightly, pretty and seductive Monica right away seduces Jack and he doesn’t even resist. Alec Balwin features as John who gives the impression of having knowledge of the upcoming events and he is sometimes termed to be a ghost.


In the other segment, Woody Allen himself puts in the actors shoes to play the retired Opera director Jerry. He visits Rome with his wife to meet his daughter’s fiancé and parents. The groom-to-be father, Giancarlo demonstrate an incredible voice, but only when performing in the shower. Jerry helps the groom’s father to showcase his voice in the opera in front of several people. A series of humorous events follow.

In the third part, an abstract story of newlywed couples Milly (Alessandra Mastronardi) and Antonio (Alessandro Tiberi) who has just come to Rome are featured. Antonio has come to Rome for a lucrative job from his uncles. What follows is that at the very first day, the couples get lost and separated from each other.Milly ends up being lost and Antonio meets Penelope Cruz, a prostitute. The communication of this incident is that occasionally a little unfaithfulness can be fine for a marriage to go on.  A series of events follow.

Finally, there’s what could superlatively be described as “The Roberto Benigni Show,” the point of which is to exemplify the showiness of realism in TV and the media’s fascination with those who are “well-known for being famous. In the final segment of, To Rome with Love, where Benigni plays Leopoldo a simple and ordinary guy who suddenly becomes a target for tabloids and paparazzies.


Reporters keep on following him just to know what breakfast he had in the morning, how he shaves his beard, etc. A line of events follow where this whole section opens out like an unsuccessful satire. The concluding scene with Leopoldo appears to have been incorporated wholly to offer Benigni with the chance to make plenty of funny faces and leap around like a spastic dummy. It’s moreover an unsuccessful trial or a movie that was hurried through creation so Allen could accomplish his one project-per-year promise.

To Rome with love is an intense failure. The movie struggles to be at its best with the silly dialogues and forcefully indulged humor. The actors and actresses have also failed to deliver their best in the movie. The ridiculous basics do not draw any humor to the audience. The movie as a complete series is deficient in all the warmth and joy which needs to be portrayed. However in all it looks good. It has nothing amusing in it. What connects all these characters is Rome itself, along with the cinematographer who utilizes the city as a canvas to paint with light and color. There is ample showmanship in the movie though no magic. To Rome with Love” is a humorous, intellectual film with grand acting and immense views of Rome.

Woody Allen plays his part well as a director as well as an actor. Woody Allen is recognized for his unique and imaginative themes. As ideas move toward to him during the year and  he pens  them down, and later pulls them out to see if there is a film in any of them, just like  he pulled out four separate ideas for this film. To Rome with Love bring with it a aroma of misogyny in the trivial and sporadically piercing way women are represented in the society, while just each and every male personality correspond to an personification of Allen at one stage or further way of life.. It looks damaged and pessimistic, and is filled with unsophisticated characters stressed through empty situations. In all with all the actors and settings it can be seen with friends and family.

To Rome with Love

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