Directed by Ridley Scott, Prometheus is an outstanding science fictional movie which is based on a group of space travelers who navigate to an unidentified planet to find out the very basic foundation of human life only later to comprehend that the future of mankind is in grave danger.

A band of scientists travels all the way through the cosmos on the spacecraft “Prometheus” on a journey to look into Alien life forms. The squad of scientists becomes marooned on an Alien world, and as they move violently to stay alive it turn out to be clear that the revulsion they practice are not just a danger to them, but to the whole human race.

With Madagascar 3 closely in competition, the film has done very well in the box office. Prometheus is the Greek god of mythology who wanted to give equal opportunities to the human race. The star cast includes Holly woods well known premium names Charlize Theron as the straightforward woman on board, to David (Michael Fassbender) as the persuasive machine and the aged power broker, Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce). However, the one who is to be really standing tall is Noomi Rapine (Elizabeth Shaw) standing strong on her precedence in the quest of — religion versus science. She searches for unanswered questions to unexplained phenomena’s. Her resolution power grows with every circumstances and she finally overcomes over a cannibal alien force. Elizabeth Shaw is the type of woman who considers that she and Charlie can become skilled at the top secret of the genesis of the earth as well as mankind. The couple is very dedicated to each other and Elizabeth looks after Charlie when an alien contaminates him. However, in spite of the theme of dedication and love and of discovering science along with inquisitiveness, the hostility of this film is well-built. Prometheus is an academic technical venture of heroic splendor. It is a movie which can be viewed more than once and a must watch for science fiction fans. However at some times, the film tends to distract the attention of the audience by many questions asked by the human race which are never answered.


The director’s mission for methodical information leaves the audience with various kinds of questions and ideas which are unexplained from the time when the human beings were born like who actually made human beings, where did they originate from, what was the purpose and what happens after their death, who is god and who created him, is Darwin’s evolution theory really explainable and so on. The vessel created for scientific exploration Prometheus, carries the scientists to a planet which is away from earth where antique myths, prehistoric verbal communication, extra terrestrial figures, unique kind of atmosphere, and bizarre creatures… set the manner for an emblematic treat. There are numerous special effects in the movie. The good sets and well planned shots along with the state of art gadgets and technologies, the special effects and the battle between the galactic space ships are really jaw dropping moments. There is a scene where there is an automatic caesarean operation where a small new born alien is pulled out from a human body is the way to perfection. Prometheus is a charming movie which is intended to be savored in the full-size screen. Scott has managed to direct an eye opening movie which is pretty impressive. A sequence of cave drawings has led them on this go-getting journey to another planet. Charlie and Darwin get hold of other space scientists and a robot to take control and they travel into the space with Prometheus the space ship.

Prometheus is anticipated as a prequel to Scott’s 1979 sci-fi classic, Alien, and it is a film to be enjoyed by all science fiction fans. But otherwise it feels oddly broken and puzzling, as the action jerks forward without touching emotions of the audience. The conclusion isn’t scary or intensely pleasing. The first hour is really spell bounding and audience can lose themselves. The bulk of the movie takes position throughout the final weeks of the year 2093. The 17-man team of the science vessel Prometheus is roused from sleep when the ship moves toward their purpose- a deserted planet rotating around a star that may be the dwelling of space visitors who arbitrated in the early stages of human history. A strong identification with human beings is missing in the movie. The movie is mostly revolving around the main protagonists. The conclusion of the movie is open ended leaving the audiences to think about the rest or maybe in line for another Prometheus 2 to be made, however it doesn’t seem to be incomplete. The 3D version of the movie has left people feeling very good about the whole thing. The other 3D movies like avatar, amazing Spiderman and Hugo are not as good as Prometheus. What’s more, is that Scott recompenses for the weakness of the glasses, the movie never come down into a foggy muddle. It’s simple to predict Prometheus’ main obstruction i.e. insisting spectators to purchase an adult science fiction along with a movie which is being advertized as an Alien prequel. On the Sci-Fi range, Prometheus is a lot nearer to the movie 2001 than it is to Alien vs. Predator. Its visual effects and special effects enthrall the audience and is mind blowing.


According to some audience, though the movie is a super hit, it is a silly movie, packed with characters and circumstances that aren‘t distantly credible, driven by deliberately clear plot developments and strategies. The good casting of the movie along with fine acting has saved the movie to a great deal. The main story settings and abundant set-pieces are practically matching. Also, the story line has been adapted from other made movies, thus there is no originality in the movie. The actors are made to do silly things in the movie like touching black alien ooze, performing open operations on a severed giants head without any protected clothing, having sex when there is nothing else to do. It is a movie with Parental guidance where parents are required to know that Prometheus is a science invention and a horror movie that’s rather associated to director Ridley Scott’s unique and original Alien. There are some monster attacks with human beings who are being burnt openly or been killed bloodily. There is a lot of blood, guns, flame throwers and many dead bodies. There are characters that are shown before and after sex and talking about sex.The adult characters is shown drinking or smoking socially.

There are a number of positive effects in the movie like the questions about life and human beings, our origin, what god is, our creator, and a many more questions. Some of the answers are to a certain extent skeptical, but others demonstrate the common hope, understanding, forfeit, and benevolence of human beings.

Though the movie has nothing to talk about in specialty, the special 3D effects like alien birth, the actor and actress along with good acting , the visual effects, makes the film a worth watch with family. It has a number of special effects and a splendid and unique visual design with a very playful character. It is not directly like Aliens or Predator but comes near to it. Superb acting of Elizabeth and Fassbender has made a movie a must watch.

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