Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter


It has found that 150 years after have passed and American president Abraham Lincoln has been given his due award from Hollywood after his death. Three big movies in the year 2012 featuring the 16th president will be releasing. The Steven Spielberg’s movie, where Abraham Lincoln plays as undead-destroyer in the film.

The second, Abraham and the Zombies is a low budget film has been showcased in the halls already. History students should be cautioned not to take Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter only at the face value of the movie. The consequence is a mixture of horror and action attempt that proffers Lincoln as the superhero of the 19th century. The action views are strong and make use of modus operands which were accepted by well known movies like The Matrix and 300. The movie has been adapted by the screenwriter Mr. Seth Grahame-Smith (the famous author of bestselling book “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies”) from his novel.

The initial segment of the movie, which pursues Lincoln’s premature profession as a vampire hunter, and politician, is the strongest portion of the movie. Benjamin Walker, plays the role of Honest Abe by a comparatively unidentified actor who bears a mysterious similarity to a youthful Liam Neeson. Lincoln has a feeling of resentment against vampires for murdering his mother and his failed effort to get rid of her murderer, guides him to Henry Sturgess (Dominic Cooper), Jack Barts (Marton Csokas), experienced vampire hunter. After growing up, Lincoln exercises a silver-coated axe to  eliminate the vampires who have received a new lease of life in the movies with the Twilight series. Lincoln becomes his trainee. He then relocates to Springfield, where he comes into politics, falls in love with Mary Todd (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), and slaughters vampires.

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Nearly about 45 mins, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is casted like an epoch piece superhero movie. Things get cluttered following a time-jump to the 1860s .It appears that, the Civil War in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter revolves around slaves who were being used as foods for vampires. The Southern portion was contaminated with vampires and their undead leader Adam” (Rufus Sewell). Lincoln finds out a way to strike back the vampires and this turns the deluge of the war. Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, finds out that vampires are planning to take over the United States. He makes it his assignment to get rid of them.People expect that after seeing the title of the movie, the movie would be filled with wit and humor. However it is full of satires.

The casting of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter has been done with a lot of thought. Strong and famous personalities like Anthony Mackie, Dominic Cooper and Jimmi Simpson are worth noticing. Mary Elizabeth Winstead has played justice to the role of Mary Todd Lincoln. Rufus Sewell plays the role of the evil vampire. The 3D quality of the movies has been made for attraction of the viewers. However it has been seen that the 3 D version has brought no change to the movie. The 3-D doesn’t even effort to bring genuine deepness to the field of hallucination. There are manifold junctures when forefront substances are out-of-focus and sometimes to some extent see-through. The 3-D is so dreadful as to be disturbing. The 2D version of the movie is much better than the 3 D version.

With its strong illustration and good judgment and high deliberation on exploit and aggression, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter plays like an explicit novel. It has that susceptibility. It’s not exaggeratedly anxious with history and the filmmakers give the impression to enthusiastically hope no one in the audience knows a thing about Gettysburg or what The Underground Railroad actually was. The audience is not a bit concerned with the passage of time. There’s also a supposition that the audience members are not concerned with things like the passage of time. On the whole, the movie depends too much on its sole self-importance.
The location works vividly.

The background consists of dark, sepia and old European charm. Addding  to that  are oodles of fireworks, plenty of bats, blood-stained teeth of vampires, gothic architecture , and music in sync with the huffing-pufffing steam engine.. There is nothing to complain in the visual grounds. The action as well as speed of the movie is very slow. There is lack of energy on the screen. Fairly appealing, the movie is worth watching because of its set designs and the great costumes, the 3D effects, and the pace of the story telling. The visual effects and special effects of Lincoln killing the vampires are all worth watching. In all Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter could have had been a much better movie with a little bit of more action and special effects. The movie does not manage to bring in the seriousness, silly or scary but it is action packed and has been brilliantly shot. The camera man has done a great piece of work. Combined with all, the movie is a worth watching with friends and family.

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