Madgascar 3 – Europe’s most wanted


The 90 minutes of DreamWorks animation movie directed by Tom McGrath and Eric Darnell has been aptly made to distract children attraction. With the summer vacations on the close, “Madagascar 3 – Europe’s most wanted” is a much wanted movie to be watched by kids.

It is a clever and considerate production that uses a lot of creativity and art works to a certain extent rather than live action. The grand animation as well as the animated characters and their funny dialogues make the movie a most wanted among kids. The star cast consists of the voices of Jada Pinkett Smith, Chris Rock and Ben Stiller.

In the previous parts the animal escapees continues roaming about here and there through the European cities. In part 3, Alex the lion takes the responsibility of reviewing the film. The film opens with Alex the lion and all the other zoo animals Gloria the hippo (Jada Pinkett Smith), Melman the giraffe (David Schwimmer) and Marty the zebra (Chris Rock), bored to death and strangled in Africa left back by their team of penguin engineers and monkey manual labor dreaming to return to New York Central zoo which they term as their home. They are not satisfied with the way of living.


The movie traces its way from Africa to America and the incidents and challenges which occur in the way. In the way to their journey they make friends as well as enemies with the French Animal Control officer Captain DuBois (Frances McDormand) who has always wished to decorate her wall with a head of a lion. Very Fortunately, the gang finds a refuge in an unlikely place- a traveling circus with a lot of animal friends.They join a circus and befriended by Gia the Jaguar (Jessica Chastain), Stefano the Seal (Martin Short), lemur monarch (Sacha Baron Cohen) and Vitaly the Tiger (Bryan Cranston).Ultimately they all learn to work together united as a team to attract the attention of an USA promoter who will finance their journey across the Atlantic.

The third part of the animated movie is no doubt a very entertaining and enjoyable movie. The 3D experience is a must see for kids. However the screenplay requires a little time to collect force- the initial part of the movie is not strong enough to keep the audience engaged. However once the animals join the circus, it gets a little interesting. There are many people at the circus. The concluding circus acts are stunning exhibits of visual enthusiasm. Also it is to be noted that Mahesh Ramasubramanian of Indian origin has also forecasted his talent in the various technical departments. There is no time to muse over what unfold, the movies is very fast rated.

There is an extravagant and lively demonstration of Katy Perry’s fireworks which are worth viewing. The quality of animation as well as the voices is of great quality. The love blossoming between Gia and Alex with the entertaining takes of Kings Julien’s fondness for Sonia the bear makes the movie an enjoyable watch. Madagascar 3 is a beautifully timed movie and has been released in a time when the halls will be houseful. It has made very good use of the 3D versions where they do their circus act that is visually amazing. The neon lights along with the flying characters and black background is amazingly good. The scenes are funny and when there seems to be a little gloomy effect again there comes in a cracking joke or an action piece.


The first film in the series to demonstrate 3D, the third episode conveys many laughs and plenty of vivacious color, but the action opens out at such a frenzied pace, it’s as if the filmmakers want to incorporate everything in a very short span of time, so the viewer doesn’t have a moment to stop and question the plot of the movie.

Madagascar 3 is cheerful and enough fun loving movie, even if it is a little empty and missing the crackling humour of the previous parts. The film has received a lot of appraisal for its great voice cast and bright visuals. Though the third series of the movie was not as charming as the rest, the voice quality bundled with the colorful animations and beauty has managed to sell tickets at the box office. In spite of the irregular half-hearted insinuation, Madagascar 3 is not proposed for adults. This is a child-focused product that will be consumed with the same combination of delight and derision set aside for throwaway supplies.

Madagascar 3 cannot be termed as e complete good work of Dream work productions however it has a lot of visuals and animation to offer. The all in one cluttered movie makes it a good watch for children in totality.

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