Ice Age: Continental Drift Review


People get what they expect with the Ice Age movies. This one is the 4th installment of the franchise which has actually been around since the year 2002. (Here, in this particular case, it was concluded against retelling the first story and also recasting all the voices with just some cosmetic changes.)

It is as predictable and as comfortable as any cartoon program of Saturday mornings, although with a spiffier look and much higher production values. There is not anything in any way offensive about Ice Age: Continental Drift, just as there is not any specific reason of recommending it. It is absolutely mediocre as family offering goes. Adults will never find the intensity of spending the time hiding out in restrooms while kids will be busy in enjoying themselves. A lot of jokes used here are funny. Some of the actions are lively and colorful though not exciting. Just like other times, the sabertooth squirrel Scrat steals the entire show.

It is the year’s second animated movie just to take to the high seas (after the wake of Pirates! Band of Misfits). Here audience’s old friends Sid the Sloth (John Leguizamo), Manny the Mammoth (voice of Ray Romano) and Diego the Sabertooth Tiger (Denis Leary) run amiss of the Pirate Captain Gutt (Peter Dinklage) when Gutt boards an iceberg they are actually using in escaping the horrible effects of a continental clamor. Manny’s annual aim is of getting back to the land and to be reunited with Ellie (Queen Latifa), his wife and Peaches (Keke Palmer), his teenage daughter; but all these does not coincide with the intentions of Gutt. This leads to a tussle, a love story, a chase, a musical number, and also a shipwreck for Diego associating the tigress Shira (acted by Jennifer Lopez), who is actually the first officer of Gutt.


On an absolutely technical level, Ice Age: Continental Drift lags behind Madagascar 3 and Brave – the two huge budget summer animated movies of the year 2012. This is certainly unsurprising as DreamWorks and Pixar are so famous for producing more visually appealing and pleasing efforts while considered with 20th Century Fox.

So there is plenty of detail in Madagascar 3 and Brave while compared to Ice Age: Continental Drift. This movie is by no means haphazardly or sloppily produced and it also has the most beautiful and clear 3-D of these all though it is actually an unwanted frill. This one is indeed the most pleasing amongst these three and it trumps Brave in character arcs and pacing and exceeds Madagascar 3 in employing familiarity. Diego does fall in love, Peaches learns and comprehends about friendship, and Manny learns some important things about being a father.

In Ice Age: Continental Drift we find vocal mainstays come back for lending their amazing talents to this newest installment. They are appointed by enough fresh blood to enliven everything up, including Keke Palmer, Wanda Sykes, Peter Dinklage, and Jennifer Lopez. Though amongst all of them only Sykes impress the viewers. Playing the role of grandmother of Sid, she has used all the best speeches and also provided in the actress’ peerless sarcastic voice, Sid’s Granny remains as memorable as Scrat.


The previous installments of Ice Age: Continental Drift are Ice Age (2002), then Ice Age: The Meltdown (2006), and Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (2009). The movies fail to portrait anything much different or separate from the predecessors. The sameness or likeness of all the four movies defies any deep analysis. Children thoroughly enjoy this movie like any other installment of this franchise.

Anybody who has enjoyed one or more of the predecessors of this particular installment should watch this one too; but for others it’s better to stay part. A Simpsons short of five minutes long steals the show better than Ice Age: Continental Drift which is seventeen times more than the former one.

Ice Age: Continental Drift trailer

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