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The question “Why do we fall?” was asked to young Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins and this same question seems equally important in the final and latest installment of Batman saga by Christopher Nolan – The Dark Knight Rises.

This newest sequel borrowed a special page from The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller. The film gets to find an aged Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) and this man has hung up his grappling, gas powered guns and has also retreated into another character Wayne Manor and at present a recluse who is in a need of a cane because of all the injuries he sustained as the Batman. Bruce has not even donned the cowl and cape in the 8 years since the person Harvey Dent expired and he also earned the fall due to his crimes.

Now other two persons will draw Batman simply out of the self-imposed retirement by him: Bane (performed by Tom Hardy), a secret terrorist with an extremely brutal plan of persecuting the city of Gotham and Selina Kyle (enacted by Anne Hathaway), a cat burglar. It is actually up to the very newly returned Batman and also up to the GCPD – especially Officer John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) to save the people of Gotham city from Bane and Bane’s army simply by trapping the people within their very own borders. Much more takes place but that should be kept vague for the time being.

Evidently the question rises if The Dark Knight was better than The Dark Knight Rises. If someone loved Batman Begins more than The Dark Knight then the person will surely love The Dark Knight Rises. But if somebody prefers TDK than BB then there will never be any match for TDK. Having fantastic scenes like the three main characters present together in costumes and masks TDKR is definitely the most comic book-y amongst the three Batman movies by Nolan. It is also the most lengthy and epic one and also has the largest inherent emotions and stakes. It is quite imperative that anybody watches Batman Begins just before watching this latest installment and everything the person needs to know from TDK is Rachel Dawes expired, Batman received the fall, and Dent turned Two-Face. There are so many callbacks in TDKR to BB which directly affect Gotham, Bruce and other characters.

The very lessons which Bruce has to learn here largely mirror those that he did face in Batman Begins; but here Bruce is no more vengeful young person. Now he is on the edge of approaching his middle age (Bruce has streaks of grey in his hair) and as Alfred (enacted by Michael Caine) does remind him, Bruce is not at all living his own life rather he is just alive. He is not at all moving on from the much pain which he experienced before and he is not even searching for love or not even doing much in helping others. Alfred reminds him of the lovely Miranda Tate (Marion Cotillard), board member of Wayne Enterprises as he hopes that Bruce might someday get married and be the person his parents wanted their son to be and that might change the Bruce who’s angry, mournful, and scared young self has embraced the terrifying symbol.

Bale doe gives his greatest performance in this role. With these 3 Batman movies, Bale has already brought to life the best and most multi-faceted and fully formed screen superhero till now. Morgan and Caine return as the mentors of Bruce and they again lend Bale the support and Alfred is the poignant fixture now. Gordon is the man who reaches the breaking point of living and that too with a secret truth about Dent but he actually finds Officer Blake kind of honest and optimistic policeman. But everybody is not likely to purchase his streetwise, tough manner or his inconsistent accent of East Coach.

Hathaway’s Catwoman quite steals the show though her presence is not as magnetic as Heath Ledger’s Joker and her onscreen chemistry with Bale is fantastic. This is quite more realistic than Michelle Pfeiffer’s 20 years ago performance. The character Selina Kyle smartly and efficiently retains the key traits like the sexiness, sly humor, stealth, and fighting prowess which all fan loves. Kyle is perhaps the proverbial the thief with the heart of gold and the good bad girl but Anne Hathaway does imbue her with a survivor’s edge and also with a wounded spirit which make her feel sympathetic as well as genuine even when she is actually being naughty.

Bane is remorseless, muscle-bound and also a force of the nature. Bane’s character in TDKR reminds the audience of his counterpart in the comic book. Bane is like Batman Begins’ Ra’s Al Ghul and akin to any Bond villain and he is like a cross between Goldfinger, Jaws, Renard and 006. He is straightforward and not crazy and kills people and also damage things like any other villain. Despite the body-language-driven performance and menacing voice of Hardy Bane is a much complex and less riveting villain than the Joker and that is why after some time the character becomes less interesting. But he is for sure more than Batman’s physical match.

The movie The Dark Knight Rises is constructed like sprawling novel having so many characters. But unlike BB and TDK Gotham’s regular persons are almost absent here. The movie goes for three long hours but there was need of some long pauses to give scopes to a few intense dramatic moments to resonate, and some huge leaps of faith as well as awkward and strong narrative transitions.

Though BB presented a homeless man, the falafel vendor, and the people of the Narrows and TDK showed people who are trapped on boats, have to choose their own fates, TDKR shows the orphans whom Blake actually helps out. It would have been really awesome if the end of the movies showed what the citizenry think of some horrible events as they are actually the people whom Batman serves. That Batman has dedicated himself into restoring is these persons’ hope.

The movie has various amazing action set pieces and many of those actually use The Bat – an aerial vehicle. There are several chases, stuff going booms and brawls for making hungry fans of actions satisfied. The fight between Batman, the GCPD and Bane’s army in the streets is a fabulous sight to watch in IMAX. Far more of The Dark Knight Rises was shot in IMAX than The Dark Knight. IMAX is seriously the most preferred way to watch The Dark Knight Rises.

Keeping the mentioned gripes aside director Nolan and his efficient crew have really added the most emotional, superheroic and grandest chapter to the Batman saga. It is a must watch for all who dies to watch action movies. The Dark Knight Rises is really the perfect narrative conclusion to the specific interpretation of Batman the legend and Bruce Wayne the man’s enduring story.

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