The Raven


Since long it has become an easy task to point out as to which are the movies John Cusack does towards the pleasure and satisfaction to be an actor and which are the movies he made for the bankroll.

James Mc Teigue’s The Raven simply comes under the second category, since is can not be believed that a smart and talented actor like Cusack should be attracted to make such a horrible film like Raven.

At the beginning of the story it is seen that the police find out the murdered boy of a woman along with her daughter- while the throat of the woman was cut up to both ears using a razor the body of the girl was found thruster up the chimney. It was simply a very usual style according to one the detectives (Luke Evans), and the concept is taken just from composition of Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘’ The Murders in the Rue Morgue’’. After the writer was brought for necessary questioning the same type of murder was found by the police ‘’ The Pit and the Pendulum’’. They had to bring a consultant Poe, they tried to find the series of killings, but the issues became personal as the girlfriend of Poe called Alice Eve is being abducted resulted the author to run behind to get her back.


The best picture of Nicolas Cage, John Cusack spends all of The Raven to masticate on the scene, and truly difficult scene to digest. There is merely any line, not shouted by him. His presence in a bar for winning and drink in free gives his disrepute or when he is the office of his editor to search for his assessment yet to be published. As a humorous one, it finally shuts down by harming the movie as it make an attempt of any kind of worry. It offers the idea from the lauder voice by Poe, it is difficult to consider him even if he shouts for his lover the girl who is being kidnapped.

On figures the film apparently is overstated. Even at it cumulates absolutely nothing either of the story or toning The Raven’s has a blood spattered violation as well unbending, In the ‘’Pit and the Pendulum’’ scene, for instance McTeigue has never tried take advantage of the enormous worry and fear Poe realized about the demon swings the blade to lower towards the banded down body. We observe the entire body of victim without reason excepting that shows aggressive violence.


The movie seems to consider itself as the darkest one and it only presents being a type of stupidity and gratuitous. The script, which Ben Livingston and Hannah Shakespeare have written is an absolute tragic. There is no difficulty in appreciating the background of the story- Poe is known as one of the best writers and his writings are worthy to be on the movie, nonetheless it is found that implementation is not done. The stories of Poe, a part of this play seem to be they have been taken of a hat and later messily made a script alike a distorted mystery game. The organization and pace is uneven, with steady move and end is out of way that may surprise you to come in the concluding part. It is best way that can not be forecasted but the system can not receive any such remarks.

The Raven is enough harsh to see and digest the entire brutal story, the waste possible movie, the piece of plan, the whole idea of the story and the centre theme. Bitterly enough, the result comes out with the scalded noise and only becomes a garbage chapter.

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