Man on a ledge


Just going through the title as well the trailers anyone may think, alike me, an intellect trailing, packed with potent material, like Snakes on a Plane or Phone Booth.

Unfortunately Man on a Ledge is not found to have any interest to sit entirely over the ledge, or never takes it with full seriousness. It makes a very unsatisfactory situation and really makes a crazy film for one and half hours.

Regardless of the graveness of the person standing near a ledge it had never appeared that people are to tackle a likelihood of death. It is sure there should be enough material to make a happy end?  What really it is?

Previously the film appears to have some fun story- while the foremost shot of the film demonstrates Nick Cassidy (Sam Worthington) sees upward to the high ledge that he is supposed to capture and in next about four minutes he mounts the window and comes on the top of it. The film never hangs – receives exactly the business to offer, and it is thrilling and a bit stupid. The film as called Man on a Ledge, and man shown first we observe just near to ledge – that is a good idea.


We look back, Cassidy is in custody and he speaks to his doctor of psychiatrist about his thought of killing him any day. Just stop, does not it mean anything funny? Is he attempting to leap off the ledge? On the view of anyone to stand on the ledge it seemed we are about to confront with the likeliness of death. It was sure to have a good ending at the end? What it really is? The tone of film takes the thrust and it is our job to the due evaluation.

This is sad; the evaluation part makes clear that the assurance of the high class idea daftness should not be kept while the film is becoming disappointing. Man on a Ledge turns to be a fair formula followed suspenseful story where the rubbish exposures appears from all sides. The worry came over by the background story and quickly disappears- in the 12A identified smash hit, it is really difficult to believe that Cassidy is going to commit suicide, people thought the reason of him to take such a decision. This results a feeling to get deceived in a touching reaction by the meaningless suicide, which can not be enjoyable. Nevertheless, we study the attitude of hiding something by Cassidy before the police who convince him to back from ledge, while a little system trick, influence and dishonesty is exposed, all these is really difficult for caring the given treatment for the first time.


The filming is wonderful, good suspicious story, featuring correct background sound; the appeal of Worthington is taken throughout the picture by the group of excellent actors. Elizabeth Banks offers the best presentation. She suffers with a reminiscence of a policeman who killed himself and could not be prevented. (however as he turned back and said it was only his false death and nothing happened to him, everyone just said raising eyebrow, ’Oh, you’)

This makes disgrace that leads the audience for disappointment. The stupid idea is in its faulty advertisement and title. As a standard picture (what filmmakers usually do), ‘Man on the ledge’ happens to be useful, a quality film and can not be really disliked. The nice presentation of film can just create disappointment at one moment only. Unfortunately that time talks the rest part of the film.

Man on a ledge trailer

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