The Cabin In The Woods


The Cabin in the Woods is a more fun filled and a smart movie. However, it failed to convince the viewer and gave lot of disappointment. Let the thing start with generalization in a wild way. The geek hordes make their way into Pontins.

The real horror is not understood at all by the horror convections. It is because they are the committed fans of horror and it is easy to please them. They are happy with a Saw movie released once in every year and you can chunk them. They know the history of Jason Voorhees and Freddy Kruger and also the final girl trope. They know the difference between lich and zombie in a better way. But they have not been demanding for the quality cinemas which are also original. This particular crowd is rarely occupied by Cube, Antichrist and Martyrs.

The Cabin in the Woods is a famously known film. It is more obvious from the trailer and the title. It is the obvious referencing of entirely best known horror convention. A group of personal takes a road and follows it till a place where they find themselves nowhere. Enroute they come across a stranger who also looks mysterious. The stranger warns them about entering the rooms and reading some foreign words in a loud voice. He says that it would lead to spoiling things for them.

Nothing was felt straight forward since the beginning of the film. We, as a group of youngsters remained more polite than the wolf which is well known to us. There is some or the other kind of activity is in progress. The activities that are in progress at some type of studio-cum-mission controlling centre of an organizations television. Here the men in blue liaise with the agents who are supervising the activities and progress of the group. It is not the they are not here anymore type, rather it is similar to that of the nest is empties and a periodic way. We will be able to see the activities carried out by our group on both cinemas and TV screens that are filtered by the mission centers. It persistently reminds us that we are just viewers. The two men who have been overlooking the activities and their progress are joined by some other employees. All of them overlook the sex activity between Jules and Curt. To their disappointment they have to turn back after Jules stops the activity abruptly. On the other hand Holden finds himself in a room which has got glasses on both sides. Then he realizes that the glasses will allow him to see when Dana goes for changing dress.  However, more nobly, he appraises her about it and makes necessary arrangements in order to make her more comfortable. Afterwards she also covers the window.


It is very disappointing to know that the movie is not that intelligence as we expect it to be.  It minimizes our ability to recognize the most famous images such as Hellraiser. We will have to point out specifically to all those actors.  This is not better than any comedy sequence. It has got no meaning associated to it. There is no effort involved in this . There are little scares in the movie. It mostly because of the typical horror movie and we will very well know when the horror scenes are about to come.  Here we are asked to buy it; however, it is not much appealing and constantly reminds us about the illogical aspects of the movie.  The scenes are much easier to expect what comes next. The title itself makes us feel the movie little opposite to the aspect. The most successfully and hopefully made horror scenes do not scare the viewer to that extent. Anybody can easily suggest that the horror is almost rubbish and it completely fails to scare the audience.

The film initially starts off with good pace. It also seems initially that it has lot of plots to surprise the viewers. At the beginning it all seems as if all things are going fine and engages the viewer in guessing what happens next. It all feels that the organisation is controlling all the elements with good control over them in the woods. It is all done in a very much show like a way. At times it makes us feel like watching a TV show. Simultaneously, some sort of scary events are happening in other countries that are part of some screens in the controlling unit. If we do not have the information that we are being televised, we will easily be taken on to the wrong tracks. There are some interest creating turns I the story and some twists. They keep coming in the middle of the movie. The horror scenes are most of conventional type. The twist comes when the cellar door opens all of sudden and the group advances in a particular which they should never have followed. At the end the group finds it self in a horror situation. Immediately each member of the group starts activating some kind of music instrument which gives out creepy sounds. The other member activates a bizarre puzzle sphere. They are all executed through the crossing cutting of the scene. This ultimately leads to loss of interest in the movie and we slowly find that the scenes are coming to the interest of the viewers.


It does not create any type of tension in the viewers. As we keep expecting for some sort of twists and turns, we find that it is leading to no more and surely cases some kind of bad. At the end of the movie the timid girl Dana comes in front of the other members of the group and starts reading some thing out of an old diary. This provokes the dead zombie and rednecks to come to the living from the dead. We find some sort of this things come up from time to time in the movie and make it little interesting to some extent.

All the interesting aspects of the movie The Cabin of Woods takes place under the control of the mission. The same powers in controlling a horror movie and the victims were also explored by Cube Zero. It was clearly evident that there is a dire lack of clarity in thought and the essential sense of knowing exactly what needs to be there behind screen. Despite all this scarcities, the directors were able to engage and make it fun for quite some extent.  As the film progress the scope for creating horror got nullified and then most of the scenes became more and more obvious. It has become almost clear to the viewer by looking at the characters involved, what type of the horror would come up. All the monsters that were depicted looked almost similar to that of the monsters we are quite familiar with, since long back. They are some sort of dismemberment goblins and the zombies did not look as if they are from the family of redneck family of zombies. Though they are familiar, there is a little scope to discuss about the basic differences of the monsters and their abilities. At some point, in the middle of the movie, t seems as if the complete story and the plots are being run by two three characters. Rests of all the monsters are kept for the facility of the organization such as Bigfoot, faceless ballerina and creepy ghost.

It is very disgracing that the movie The Cabin of Woods could not reach the standards of expectations of the horror lovers. It could have been much better creature than what it is if some kind of sincere efforts were made in making of this horror film.

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