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The two best things about the movie The Hunger Games is its delicacy and the way it was carried with balance. In this movie police group up the citizens and randomly select some representatives from the groups.

Then they ask the representatives to fight against each other in a dense forest till death. The grouped up citizens are made to watch this. Besides the settings, there exists a strong feeling among viewers which convenience them that it is a block buster movie. The Hunger Games strongly advocates the feeling of hopelessness and emptiness through the use of sound and construction of space. The viewers should not get carried away by the totalitarian society. The complete setting is fabulous and gives you a crystal clear image as the camera zooms out and it starts settling down.

Camera work remains the worst thing in the complete making of The Hunger Games. All the excellently made settings, deliberate designs and the holographic displace of science fiction were spoiled by the work of handheld camera. It is a wise decision and an intelligent effort was put in to shoot with handheld camera. But it lost its charm by shaking and cutting quite frequently. Most of the action sequences have not come up as it was either zoomed-in very closely or shaking abruptly. The distinct shots as such remained unclear and caused lot of inconvenience to the viewer. It is all may be because of the lack of confidence in the director to use the camera at appropriate places for capturing effectively.

The film is all about a teenage girl named Katniss Everdeen. The lead role was played by Jennifer Lawrence. The teenage girl lives in a totalitarian society. The place where she lives is ruled by extremely wealthy possessors. All the people under their rule live in 12 districts in the nearby areas. Every year they follow lottery method and choose one boy and one girl from each district. The selected boys and girls are generally in the age group of 12 to 18. Those selected boys and girls are forced to take part in Hunger Games that are conducted in a dense forest. Whoever wins the death match is declared champion and crowned by the riches. One fine day Katiniss Everdeen’s sister gets selected in that fateful lottery. Katniss Everdeen volunteers to replace her sister. At the same time Peeta was sent to the Capitol for a luxuries life and to undergo training for the games which are to be conducted in those dense forests.


The length of the movie is more than two hours. Still, it binds the viewer to the seat. The viewer is kept excited with fabulous performance by Lawrence in several breath taking scenes. There is a much interesting sequence in which she looks very snappy and focused when the opponents are asked to exhibit their skills by the sponsors. A sponsor is a wealthy person who sponsors the players of the death game by sending some complements in the middle of the game. At some point of the game she misses the target when tried to hit it with an arrow and goes out of sight of sponsors. In order to regain their attention she fires an arrow aiming directly at them and pins an apple to a wall. In the game itself she befriends another young girl who dies later. Katiniss Everdeen grieves her death. In this scene she put up an extraordinary performance which takes the viewers through shock and pain. It is much more fascinating to observe the games. The games are all about winning and there by becoming eligible for surviving. So they are almost like enforced murders. The bad work of camera is observed more when the games are in progress. The creation of forests and other issues could have been easily managed by the technicians with the help of visual effects. The movie also lacks in providing information about the districts such as their area and the population. For those who have not read the novel based on which the film was made, it is easy to imagine such details. At the same time it is also easily forgotten.

Toby Jones and Stanley Tucci acted as commentators for the games. They spoil the movie to a greater extent when it starts explaining something on its own. Here the commentators interference and explain the thing directly to the viewers. For example, if there is a scene on bees, the commentators take on and start explaining about the dangerous posed by them. They were introduced while keeping the plot in view and immediately after their introduction they were put on the job. It is generally not followed anywhere else because it looks as if somebody narrating the story. The games are supposed to be death matches and breadth taking. Whereas the commentary was so lazy that it defames the game’s charm. However, the story writer adopted another trick which was little convincing. The story writers used to fire cannon whenever someone gets killed in the game. The sound automatically sends a signal to the remaining persons taking part in the games. The person who dies, his picture is also shown on a big screen. This method helps to raise the emotional factors involved in the game. Peeta remains the increasing cause of concern for Katniss. Whenever there is a signal she desperately searches for Peeta and checks if the signal was for the death of Peeta. It also helps in avoiding the unnecessary characters and helps the plot move further. It is a brilliant way of disposing off a useless character.

The film The Hunger Games also creates a beautiful satire depicting the hunger of media for attendance. It also seems that The Hunger Games movie has a very close comparison to the movie the running man which was released in 1987. It also has some aspects in common with the movie the Truman Show which was released in 1997. The television media is also following the games in want of deaths. It is more interesting than anything else and brings in lot of attention.


Here comes the love story between Katniss and Peeta. Adequate measures are taken to redesign the games so that both of them come close to each other. Accordingly the rules of the games are also changed and the tradition of declaring to tribes as champions was adopted. This measure provokes both of them to search for each other and stay close. The influence of the reality revolution on TV is clearly seen here. Similarly, the tribes who are chosen randomly from the districts are also invited for a chat show in front of audience for live chatting. When it came to Katniss she was allowed for a make over and a brief training before appearing in front of the camera. This is more or less a modified reality show procedure followed by the celebrities. To some extent it can be argued that all the procedures followed behind the screens for creation of Katniss and Peeta’s love story are almost similar to that of the things happened in Jersey Shore, a semi reality TV show which was broadcasted in the year 2009. They are also similar to The Only Way in Essex in which the situations were framed but the actions were not scripted.

The sound effects of the film that include the usage of music is worth mentioning. Again, in contradiction to the status of a blockbuster movie, the action sequences are not accompanied with appropriate music. It made the action sequences look more realistic. Several moments of the movie could have been much better than what they are if music is included. They could have been more memorable and stunning. The scenes where tribes get on each other for grabbing weapons and start killing each other immediately could have been more effective with the music. The electronically created strings were actually disturbing. The lack of sound tracks immensely contributed to the dull feeling in the movie. It could have been the smart idea if the conventional music was made use of.

It was completely convincing to see the feminist heroine Katniss with a strong role in the movie. The plot is all about her sacrifice for saving sister. She was shown with great hunting skills, athletic movements and resourceful. The combination of bow and an arrow is her most favourite weapon. She manages without falling into the trap laid by the opponents who were primarily masculine. Her weapon also requires great skills, delicate handling and intelligence. It is entirely different from the usage of other weapons like swords which are generally preferred by masculine boys. She is very attractive and beautiful. Her efforts to keep herself alive add more to her attractiveness. Though she is 16 year old in the movie it is right to say this for her as she is 21 in real life. In fact she was forcibly removed from her home and then moved towards Peeta. Peeta does not take much time to fall for Katniss. This exaggerated love triangle is much far from the Twilight’s love story. In this story Katniss is in a state of dilemma which is played up on by the state for the sake of exploiting the story. But for the outside world it seems completely muted and underplayed. We cannot blame the girl who is emotionally attached to the person who does not want to see her dead. The film depicted the male and female equally there by bringing the issue of her gender into the light. Much less braved male genders keep referring to her gender in the games. This gives her lot of motivation to win and prove that there is nothing about the gender in the game. However, Katniss never desires to prove it as the point of her gender has never been raised amongst her peers. According to her own terms it is strongly believed that she is a great competitor. It is only Haymitch, a character, who regularly brings up the issue of her gender. Haymitch is a previous game winner and remains drunk always. Katniss is also called as sweet heart by him.

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