The Woman In Black


The Woman in Black is based on a novel written by Susan Hill in 1983. The movie The Woman in Black has to cross two barriers. The first problem is in the form of huge success achieved by the stage play West End. It is the second longest play running in the history of London theatre.

The second problem is caused by the lime light Daniel Radcliffe is in. He has been facing severe critics. So, he deserves some sympathy from all. He is under lot of pressure as the global audience are eagerly waiting to see how he performs in first role in a major film.

It is agreed to that some of the critics are not fair enough. Some of the childish critics were fairly answered by the exuberant performance of Radcliffe. In this film Radcliff plays the role of Kipps who is a lawyer and a widower with the loss of his wife. His wife dies while giving birth to his son. His employer sends him to attend the case of an older woman called Alice Drablow. This diseased lady’s house is located an isolated place and completely cut off. It is proved by the Woman in Black that even the old formulas work fine and add to create much scarcity.

It seems to Kipps that the town people are scared of the house where the old lady is staying. Soon he realises that the fear of the town people is justified. He goes through some letters in the building which reveal a stunning history buried in the house. He hears some scary sounds which tell him that he is not the person moving in the house.


To add more to it, after returning to the city, he comes across some horrifying stories by the town people in which their children were died in suspicious circumstances. They also say that all the deaths followed appearance of a suspicious creature. They claim that a female in black was responsible for the deaths.

Then the old lady appears in scary way. It recalls the memorable entry in a classical movie The Omen made by Donner in the year 1976. In that classic movie Damien finds his nanny hanging on his birthday. It is a sudden appearance when three children are playing with their dolls in a room and get distracted from the game by some one who moves across. They rise to their feet to move towards the window and suddenly drop down and die.

Jane Goldman’s excellent screenplay added more to it. With this scene the viewers experience the horror and he successfully maintained it till the end of the film. The horrific feeling keeps on building up as the move progresses.

San Hill’s novel is a famous old fashioned novel with a ghost story. James Watkins, the director build up a most horrific story by mixing all the required ingredients in measured quantities to the Susan Hill’s horror novel. It gives a comprehensive experience of suspense, suggestion and terrifying horror.


With this The Woman in Black proves that even if the old formulas are applied correctly, they work well and create lot of horrifying stories.

Stagging of West End achieved a fabulous success while making the audience scream. Only simple lighting and sound effects are used to create such great feel among the audience. With this adaptation of the film certainly fails to achieve the same success as that of the West End. Here what matters is the hard work by the medium. It is much difficult to convince the viewers who are fully in to the world where every thing can bee created with the help of computer graphics. The most famous stage play by Goldman and Watkins suggest that there is a strong need of hard work to keep the viewers tied with the horror shock and surprise.

Now, the days have already come in full swing where low budget movies are made by using handheld cameras. With this trend is it possible to think of creation of such horrifying movies by the present creators. Even if they are created, will it be possible to them to stand up to the standards set by this type of extraordinary movies.

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