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john carter

The movie John Carter is undoubtedly a blockbuster. The lead role is played by Taylor Kitsch. In this film he is shifted from to United State to the planet Mars. After landing there he slowly and steadily gets himself adapted to the local Barsoomian’s society.

Locally the planet is called as Barsoom. Later this society gets into a war with other local society. These two societies are also called as Helium and Zodanga respectively. The ongoing war is overseen by a group of monks called as Therns. The complete conflict and the subsequent events form a flashback once John Carter returns to earth.

The story is inter-woven with twists and unexpected turns. Once Carter lands on Mars, he acquires some typical powers like a superman has on earth. It is exactly reversing superman in which Carter becomes superman as he enters Barsoom and becomes normal human being once he returns earth. The low gravity force prevailing at Barsoom, allows him to jump much greater heights than the locals. There by he becomes SuperBarsoomain. The relatons portrayed between the tribes of Barsoom resembles exactly similar to the relation existed between Confederacy, Native Americans and Unions in the middle of 19th century.

john carter

The film also has some flaw points. One of them is that it mainly projects intelligence in a big way and immediately makes it so small to move the story ahead. However the story seems logical almost at all stages of the movie. Cater tries to learn the cultures and other aspects associated with Barsoom. As the story progresses ahead, getting lost happens quiet frequently. For example, Carter finds his body on Barsoom which looks similar to that of his body on earth. This incident is immediately followed by his meeting with the Martian princess. After that these two events do not come up again for almost half an hour. This actually acts as distraction and we go out of the movie in search of those two characters and consequence of their meeting.

As the things progresses in this fashion, understanding the two and half hour story becomes much more complex. Even at the end it seems there is a desperate requirement of ten minutes to tie all the loose ends and bring the story to an end. When the viewer is free of the confusion generally created by the Barsoomians, we can say that the story is not progressing any more and it is only visual effects that are being exhibited. All these visual effects are computer generated and are, undoubtedly, convincing and very expressive. They are not like the blue coloured humans who came from other planets. The Red Martians look almost similar to the normal human beings except their red body colour. This looks more imaginative and makes the movie more attractive.

There is no dearth of action sequences. They come as completely integrated part of the film as they have something or the other to do with the plot. They are really much exciting. The gladiatorial bout that was staged at some point is exempted form this acclaim. The viewer will not find it difficult to follow the action scenes. Andrew Stanton’s expertise in making animated films is clearly showcased in this. He is the expert in making 3D films at Pixar with a clear understanding of what all required.


John Carter is a fabulous fantasy movie made on a planetary theme. This smartly made film completely involves the viewer and keeps them excited at all times. At times it becomes little confusing for the viewers and goes much beyond the reach of their imagination. All this confusion can be attributed to the subplots and some events. You may find some other writers explaining the sub plots also clearly to some extent after streamlining them for the sake of better understanding. It is always better to play in safe mode rather than being too ambitious.

At the end it seems that there is enough scope to create sequels of the movie. Disney can also bring out some more novels from the story line of the movie. The picture made clear presentation of the main character and helped it to establish completely. The environment is also made equally competitive to the main role. At the same time it also brings in the awareness with regard to the upcoming threats in future. Notwithstanding the flaws that popup in the middle of the movie, John Carter is a smart movie and produced very well. In spite of its dreary title it is an interesting movie through out and keeps the viewer excited till end.

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