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The comic drama Crazy, Stupid, Love is the making of a great movie. The actors include lively and affable persons, such as Steve Carrell, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, and Julianne Moore.

The screen play is penned by Dan Fogelman (of Cars and Tangled fame). The film is full of moments that alternate between humorous, bright, and distressing. Then why is the movie eventually not up to the mark and satisfying? The reason may be because the movie directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa is messy, jumbled with dissimilar schemes, and moving settings, which makes it less than the sum of the components.

The movie starts with the break-up of Emily (played by Moore) and her husband of twenty-five years Cal (enacted by Carrell). In a crowded restaurant, Emily informs Cal that she wants to divorce him because she is having an affair. As the couple are coping with the death of their love, their thirteen-year old son Robbie (played by Jonah Bobo) is falling in love with Jessica (acted by Analeigh Tipton) who is the seventeen-year old family babysitter. He continues to be adamant even after Jessica walks in while he is doing what a thirteen-year old boy does. However, Robbie’s hopes are doomed because Jessica seems to see only Cal. The results of her fascination with Cal (that he is completely unaware about) remain unknown until much time has passed.

Definitely, the results of all that is occurring in the movie are not known for a long time. For most part, the movie is meandering without any purpose or goal. The film keeps returning to Cal’s narrative and the supporting cast much as Requa and Ficarra are focused on laying the foundation for the surprising third act, which shows a twist in the tale.


Shattered with his wife’s confessions, Cal is sulking at an all-night bar where he receives the compassion of Jacob (played by Gosling). The sharp dressing sense and outspoken amateur Jacob takes on the task of assisting the not so cool forty-four year old Cal in gathering his life after his wife. He tries to teach Cal the strategy of amazing the women instead of trying to seduce them. These learning quickly show the results when Cal ends up in bed with a mid school teacher Marisa Tomei, which is followed by several unknown women picked up at the bars.

While Cal is enjoying the results of his efforts, he realizes that he still loves Emma who seems to be regretting her decision. Although, the movie tries to tell its audience that when two individuals are true soul mates who will be reunited by the acts of destiny, the scenes between Cal and Emma really do not show the message to be believable. The most appealing part of the movie is the couple’s stories during their high school, which is not the building rock on which marriages are made. The best statement of the entire moving is the start that shows Cal would be happier jumping off a moving car rather than having to listen to his wife’s conversation.


More credibility is seen in the unanticipated bonding between Cal and Hannah who is a law school graduate. She is the only woman in the entire movie who refuses Cal in the early parts of the movie. After her lawyer boyfriend Josh Groban proves to be a jerk, she actually almost runs to Cal and soon in to his bachelor home. However, what begins as a one-nighter slowly becomes a full night of conversation. Hannah initially asks Cal to show her the steps included in the seduction practice, which is followed by viewing the list of Sharper picture buys. Cal’s compliance seems like elegy. Is it possible to redeem the scrofulous cad during a single evening? It is possible if he is Ryan Gosling whose redeemer is Emma Stone.

The enchantment of this sequence is almost sufficient to redeem the review of Crazy, Stupid, Love. However, here comes the biggest twist, which is really a point of debate; however, its absurdity is most definitely not debatable. Soon the movie that has been alternating between insight and sentiments chooses to follow the latter. However, one point missing in its finale is the slow clapping.

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