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Underworld awakening featured the reentry of superstar Kate Beckinsale as Selene who portrays the role of charming death merchant in the movie Underworld Awakening, that is the fourth part of the Lykens vs. vampire fiction movie series that acclaimed cult status in movie buffs and this movie is also the first movie of the Underworld series that is made in three dimension.

The foundation of this movie is that werewolves and vampires were demolished by human beings after they came to know about their existence.

Selene is shown to wake up decades later in poised vibrancy to a universe she is strange in and without the love of her life Michael. Selene has been in low temperature freeze confinement at a firm of biotech that is governed by a menacing scientist. The role of scientist is played by Stephen Rea of the movie V FOR VENDETTA.

Selene finds out that Michael is not only gone, save for having a daughter of their own that is now at adolescence stage. The role of her daughter is played by India Eisley, whose birth took place when Selene was in the frozen state. Selene now forced to bury her maternity feelings deep inside her heart even when she delivers death to villains and those humans who were indulged in slaughtering her breed and kind.


It’s not over yet! The movie Underworld Awakening is similar to other movies of this series, meaning that it is a concave and slow type movie, full of dull and old Matrix type action scenes. If that’s more than enough for people, they will most probably admire this latest sequence. However, people should still question themselves why it is enough for them. However, for the general audience or for them who are watching the series for the first time, Underworld Awakening fails to convince people why they should watch the movies of this series.

The cast performs an automatic job, with leading actor Beckinsale playing the role of ever stoned Selene. She still portrays a great character wearing trench coats and patent leather shooting bullets, however, the GAME OF THRONES’ Mr. Charles Dance is less utilized for a role of vampire leader, anyone who expected that Charles will be the successor to Bill Nighy is surely going to be disappointed. Michael Ealy is commendable in the role of human cop. he’s basically there to clutch and discharge cop cliches. Theo James delivers the dumbest “WE MUST STAND AND FIGHT!” speech without any other substance worth mentioning, meanwhile Rea is plainly seems to be embarrassed to just star cast the film, quite stuck in his villainous role.

Only the daughter India Eisely who portrays as Selene’s mix breed vampire/Lycan daughter pretends to enjoy, playing the role of a vamp in her “HULK OUT” scenes. She on screen character’s relationship with lead role player Selene is artificial, but it demands gravely for a bit of sentimental timbre in the otherwise dumb and lame film. It’s been disappointing that there is not enough strength in Eisley’s character, which is old and dreary for this dolefully underwritten series.


The collision of the man’s comprehensive “ethnic cleansing” as said in the movie of vampires and Lycans is underestimated by the portrayed fact that only these creatures are into existence to slaughter and eat people! Begging your pardon, it’s pretty tough to empathize with the monsters that can eat you in supper. However, people can get to theme what the movie is all about. It is still a tough task to feel too much for the character Selene provided that she is assassinating specifically each of the people that viewers would desire to save if vampires and werewolves would attack. Selene is unquestionably in a shade darker and even more vicious in this movie. However, Selene continues to be emotionally drained as usual.

The action successions, while copious, are anything else but decent. If people have seen Selene swagger or creep in SLOW-MOTION shooting shit probably this is shown a thousand times before and nothing’s new in it. UBER-LYCAN stands as an ingenious attention-grabber. However, the VE or visual effects are damn cheap and crap that overall result derived from them isn’t pretty good nor it is scary or impressive in any way. Obviously, the three dimensional effect is not required and utilized for general effect. Finally these effects succeed in adding more dumbness and darkness to the movie that is already blur and dark.

The movie Underworld Awakening one of the other movies produced by SGF or screen GEMS factory that also is known for making the movie series Resident Evil. The movie is looking very shining from outside as it used to look in the previous movies but from inside it is still the old and lame movie as usual.

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