The Divide Review

the divide

There’s nothing exactly left on saying anything about dystopian genre. If you have seen one of those kinds then you have seen all of them. The divide, by Xavier gens is not an exception.

The movie has everything that most people expect that is performances of actors in melodramatic style and you will hardly be able o recognize any of them, blood smattering everywhere, and sexuality to make movie interesting.

The story is plotted around nine strangers, all of them belonging to the city of New York. They meet like refuges in the basement of an apartment at the time of nuclear holocaust. The basement is managed by a person who is a paranoid named Mickey (character played by Michael biehn) and with the objective of lasting for months in the basement he has stocked the place with lots of food stuff and supply of water. The story of the movie runs in these basement rooms.

the divide

In spite of all the characters being trapped under a same roof, there is almost zero scope of development of character. There is hardly any communication between the refuges; instead the silence of the characters is mixed with strange behavior of refuges.
The mood of watching the movie falls from here only.

The nihilistic approach of the movie gets exhausting in the second phase of the movie. Above that you will find no source of inspirational dialogues amongst the refuges so that the tension can be eased among them. Everything you will find is miserable, dark and will depress you. It is that sort of movie where you will leave the theater quietly and after reaching home will prefer to watch something lighthearted that can refresh your mood.


Some of the appreciable things are also there in the movie. If you talk about acting it is somewhat decent, and there is lot of visual style.  Biehn, Lauren and many other characters have done a good job in acting however the rest of the cast has not done well at all. It is only the dialogues of the characters that have kept the performance of characters high otherwise all of them are one dimensional.

Therefore there are many of the even worse movies that you can watch, the devil inside is also one of the flops, however many of better movies are also there that you can watch. The divide has some of the qualities to arouse the curiosity in you along with some of the other qualities. Act one and two of the movie is bit interesting, horror is also there, but the rest of the movie you can understand yourself.

The Divide trailer

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