The Perfect Game

The “perfect game” is a story of a base ball team from Mexico that under the leadership of a goal driven coach and lead by the spiritual guidance of a priest travel across to the U.S to participate in the 1957 little league Tournament. The team was able to achieve some unexpected victories and finally won the tournament. The film is directed by William dear and the script is that of W. William. The players were not from a good background and had to overcome many hard circumstances to achieve this victory. They were always motivated and did highly hold their catholic beliefs. The players Catholicism did not only motivate them to win the tournament but also to overcome all their impoverished circumstances.

The Perfect Game (Full Review)

This year was observed as the Year for Priests by the Catholic Church. It concludes on June 19th and who would have expected that the role of a devotee down to earth priest would be effectively portrayed by the veteran comedian, Cheech Marin. The actor has put sincere efforts for his role as the priest who gave spiritual guidance for a group of boys from north Mexico to get together and win a major tournament such as the Little league Championship in U.S.

The movie is based on a real time story that happened in the year 1957. It is the story of a group of enthusiastic youngsters whom under the leadership of Angel Macias forms the first Little League team of their downtrodden city. The players are given spiritual guidance by a priest who was very down to earth and motivated them to aim higher success in their lives. The young team is coached by Cesar who through his hard driving training sessions brings rapid improvement to the team. The main objective behind the formation of the team was to participate in the little league Championship and the team sets for US to take part in the tournament. The team was able to bring many surprise victories over their far more advantaged competitors and later went on to win the tournament.

William Winkour’s script shows very clearly the Catholicism of the players and points out it as the main inspiration behind the success of the team. Before each game, Marin leads the team in a prayer and uses the story of Blessed Juan Diego to motivate the team for greater achievements. The film is a good example of what the belief in God can do in our work. The Catholicism of the boys helps them to overcome their impoverished circumstances and the hard times that they had to encounter in U.S to face tougher challenges. In a message against racial and ethnic inequality, the players defy all the rules and join a black league player who was separated from other white players at a dinner. This is a touching scene in the film and is a great message against the racial inequalities that is existing today. The movie is a powerful tribute to the religious beliefs and it teaches us that nothing is impossible if we have faith in God and are ready to put effort.

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