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The director of Zombieland, Ruben Fleischer gets Jesse Eisenberg for his latest movie. Television favorite Aziz Ansari emerges in to a larger role moving from his supporting actor roles. Audiences are waiting to see his success on the big screen to complement his charisma on TV. On the other hand, Danny McBride plays the same character that he frequently plays.
Jesse Eisenberg plays the role of Nick who is a pizza delivery boy in a company who follows a stringent Thirty Minutes or Less policy. Any delay beyond thirty minutes results in no charges for the order. As he travels across town in his old beaten up car, he realizes that he has nothing big happening in his life.

On the other side of town, two delusional drunkards Danny McBride and Nick Swardson are developing a plot that requires money. In a moment of genius insight, the come up with the perfect offense, which is calling the pizza delivery boy, strapping him with a bomb, and asking him to follow their orders.

In a complicated situation, Nick asks his best friend Chet (played by Aziz Ansari) for assistance. However, Chet lays a condition that Nick must stop taking any interest in his sister.

As the time draws on, the two of them walk on a small crime plot that ends with a brave raid on the bank. Nonetheless, being in possession of a huge amount of money, their problems becoming worse. Finally, the pair of Nick and Chet eventually fall out of each other’s company.


Our first feelings that the movie would be as disastrous as Pineapple Express were nullified quickly. The movie is not one of the recent comedies that are constantly being bombarded in the multiplexes. To begin with, the comedy is based on gags instead of focusing on the characters talking to each other in some weird dialect. Although, there is a single exception here, we are allowing some leeway for McBride and Swardson.

The primary roles acted excellently by Eisenberg and Ansari rely on friendship and personal past history that conveys feeling. The delicate jokes appear natural and the strain created by old injuries also are credible.

Ansari may not appear polished but he improves significantly as the movie progresses. Getting the opportunity to work with Eisenberg will do him a world of good. Moreover, the way he delivers the tricky dialogues appears very refreshing.

However, some not required characters derail the movie to some extent. A town assassin and a money loving stripper do not add to the story. Instead their overt jaunts are completely out of line with the remaining story.

Although, McBride and Swardson seem a little too much, they do know how to tone down before becoming too much. The sequence where the first interaction happens between the two characters is excellent.

The movie is a short, humorous, and an imaginative comedy that is exceeds expectations.

The much required break for Jesse Eisenberg after the Social Network, the movie is perfect for him. The movie is shorter than ninety minutes, and is a small, pointed burst of comedy that cannot go awry.

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