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The Smurfs

Making a kiddie movie is one of the toughest cinematic propositions. The moviemakers have to cater to different audiences that do not complement with each other. The first are the young kids that are easily amused by a simple story and humor. The second audience are the parents who require some storyline, emotional department, and amusing jokes to avoid them falling off to sleep. Definitely not an easy achievement.

We see the entertaining blend in the animated 3D live movie adaptation of the cute comic of the 1980s, which is shocking and surprising at the same time. The movie Smurfs is superior to the recent animations, such as Garfield, Chipmunks, Alvin, and Marmaduke. The Smurfs embraces the cartoon-ness along with the relishing fact that the movie is able to display anything with the assistance of a few blue people.

The movie follows the 2007 film Enchanted. The start of the movie brings the little Smurf village to life in all its fantasy and color. This is then quickly moved to the cluelessness of the large city of New York. Clumsy Smurf inadvertently leads obsessed Gargamel (played by Hank Azaria) in to the concealed mushroom haven, where they suddenly find themselves along with some other Smurfs, which include Brainy, Papa, Gutsy, Smurfette, and Grumpy on the wrong side of the Blue Moon encouraged worms opening.


The entire troupe lands at the Central Park in New York city. Here they meet Patrick Winslow (acted by Neil Patrick Harris) who is the cosmetic titan Odile. The action commences at this point where the Smurfs take the assistance of Patrick to find their way to home, Patrick trying to find the most appropriate advertising strategy for Odile’s latest line of cosmetics, and Gargamel looking earnestly for some drops of the Smurf soul.

The popularity of the movie would have been reduced if it was filled with stupid jokes and some pop cultural references. However, the depiction of the various characters and each playing its part has provided director Raja Gosnell’s movie with some storyline. What with Clumsy wanting to achieve something larger than his name and Harris Patrick also trying to find solutions to hif problems. Namely who is buttoning up to be a Papa to the baby Smurf on the way with his wife Grace (played by Glee Jayma Mays). The two have enacted their roles with complete sincerity especially in the numerous sequences when they are chasing the Smurfs all over the city. In addition to bringing life to the bigger sequences, they add details in to the smaller sequences.


In one particular scene when Papa Smurf is talking with Patrick for a dad son talk, there is much character that is difficult to achieve in a kiddie movie.

Nonetheless, the movie shows lots of fun, plainness, and simplicity. Azaria is famous for bringing life into comic characters, which is why the Simpsons have been living for over two decades. The goofy Gargamel jaunts are a true inspiration. In a recurring scene when the bad wizard is continuously stepping through the ventilation steamy grates looks fine in the script; however, Azaria is aware of bringing it big and would not allow one moment of the physical humor to fall apart at the openings. However, Harris plays the role of the good man who brings to life that staying with the Smurfs is bizarre in all its imagination. Consider the Brady Bunch Movie as the animated world.

The kiddie movies are becoming rare, which is why the Smurfs is like fresh look. The movie provides a straightforward message along with keeping in mind that it is still an animated movie. The film is an excellent entertainer where the audience will find it difficult to release the comical baggage while smurfing it.

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