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Just like all other releases of this summer, the new action-thriller Cowboys and Aliens is based a comic, which is not very famous. Directed by Jon Favreau, who also directed other comic-based movies, such as Iron Man and Iron Man 2, the film revealed the goodness of the movie is better when focused on characters.

However, the latest movie is not focused on the characters but revolves around a hook, which is understood in the simple language of a 12-year old child. That is to say that it would be good to watch cowboys from the 1870s fighting with some aliens having exo-skeletons, superior advanced weaponry, and ultra tech spacecrafts.

The book was fascinating for people who did not really require someone to spend $160 million to portray the fight between the two genres. The movie shows the clash of the westerners with the aliens; however, the fight is violent but not much of a combine. At the end of the movie, both the genres are at a loss after the clash.

Jake Lonergan acted by Daniel Craig one day wakes up in New Mexico after losing his memory with a wound and some strange apparatus tied to this wrist. This is followed by sending three thugs having efficiency like Bourne. Jake then rides to Absolution, which a town that seems an convoluted Western Iconography that is displayed by the local historical conservation organization.

Cowboys and Aliens

The characters include Sheriff Taggart played by Keith Carradine who strives to restore order, a ravenous ranch owner Colonel Dolarhyde depicted by Harrison Ford is the one actually running the show, and Percy the debaucherous and weak son played by Paul Dano. These are supported by others like the saloon keeper Doc acted by Sam Rockwell, the preacher Meacham played by Clancy Brown, and the spiritual adviser amongst others. Jake plays his own role in the movie as the evasive train thug that is brought out by the wanted posters and the Sheriff accusing him of stealing his bullion. Ella played by Olivia Wilde does not blend with the complete setting as she is neither a prostitute nor the wife of any character. Her character is the conventional role in Westerners that arouse your doubt.
Jake Lonergan who is caught and scheduled for a trial at Fed court. However, before this event, down come a whole bunch of alien aircrafts that besiege the town and take several of its citizens as hostages. In the midst of the chaos, the device on Jake’s wrist provides plenty of clout in defending them against the alien attack. The circumstantial alliance between Jake and Dolarhyde tries to combat the attack from the outside world and defeat the aliens.

The movie possess flavor to make it a summer blockbuster; however, Cowboys and Aliens does not stand up to other bigger budget movies (that are better directed) to enable it make it as summer crowd puller. Even with five excellent writers, the movie lacks in imagination and vitality. And what about the Favreau from the movie Iron Man? The playfulness and cheekiness of the previous movies is all but missing in this movie. This makes the film far more serious than it actually should be. Hey, there are horsemen being chased by six gunmen with battling laser guns and aliens. Just chill.

Craig definitely looks his character of a western villain; his staunch enemy in the movie being the rugged and handsome Viggo. Craig’s character becomes as insignificant as that is provided by his angry look. Moreover, Wilde is poorly depicted with an overburden of clunky expositions. Although, the relationship between them is depicted, it remains ghastly under-developed during the entire movie. The best character is played by Harrison Ford who has the best dialogues in the movie along with the touchy sub-plot. This includes his adopted son acted by Adam Beach who silently coaxes human feelings in to the grayish old person.

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