Thor – a Review

Themovie Thor pictures the god of thunder, Thor, enacted by Chris Hemsworth and about his unmatched powers. He is the son of Odin (Anthiny Hopkins) and has a hammer which gives him special powers and Odin sees his son worthy enough to be the next ruler. His brother Loki, enacted by Tom Hiddleston in the movie, grows up with envy against Thor and is in constant search of a reason that would take away the throne from Thor.

For this, he creates sparks between an ancient rivalry on his side, the Ansgardians, and the FrostGiants of Jotunheim. Thor is a character who is arrogant and ignorant and doesn’t see anything else other than punishment and revenge. He decides to defeat the Frost giants in Jotunheim along with his friends. The movie then goes into a great action sequence, where we get to know about Thor’s power. The act is interrupted by Odin, who banishes Thor to the Earth, as a punishment for his childish behaviour. He is then made to live as a Human being among other humans. He also sends him the hammer, after dismantling its power.

The story takes a new turn here, and in New Mexico, Thor meets a lovely Scientist Jane Foster, enacted by Natalie Portman in this movie. She finally finds herself in the midst of Thor’s banishment, and from then on, Thor gets contact with the Human beings. He is now fragile and vulnerable, yet powerful in his own ways. In fact he is now a charming character unlike what he was in the beginning. He also finds out about his hammer which had fallen among some human beings who mistook it to be a satellite. Amidst all these, the secret organisation SHIELD gets a hint of all the mysterious happenings and takes over the place. They steal Jane’s work and surround the area where the hammer fell. Cheated by her own kind, Jane decides to help Thor get the hammer. He gets past the agents and all security and reaches the hammer, and tries to lift it, but fails. Then he gets caught, interrogated and he also gets to talk to Loki, who tells him that Odin is dead and that he is the king of Asgard. He claims to be the saviour of Asgard and allies with King Laufey of Jotunheim. Another main character we get t know is the gate keeper Heimdall, enacted in the movie by Idris Elba. One can see that the character played by Idris was a perfect ne and would feel bad that there wasn’t much of this character to view in the movie.


As the story progresses, a relationship develops between Thor and Jane. Loki tries to kill his brother, when he realises that Thor has understood all truth, and this is one good action sequence in the film. But the second action scene is much below the first, and this is the breaking of unwritten laws that had been present for many long years in the cinema field. Usually the viewer expects an upgraded version of the action sequence as the story progresses, but Thor is a movie that doesn’t follow that rule! Tony Stark gives every information about anything weird that may happen on the earth. He gives a picture about strange weather, the immovable hammer and a lot many other weird happenings. And finally all we get about him is just a reference! You could see everyone was there next to Stark but he wasn’t there! He was just a name that was mentioned. This was one error you could find in the logic of the movie. Though the movie has its own funny events and jokes, we really don’t get what is the connection between the Earth and the Asgard, and the story happening on the Earth looks a bit unimportant! In the final act of the movie, Thor goes back to Asgard, defeats Loki, and becomes the king of Asgard. The final was actually rushed up; the final fight is won by Thor so easily that you feel it was pointless in seeing the whole movie. It was a kind of repetition; the search for maturity and redemption, which we are all too familiar with and also tired of hearing!


Still, the best aspect of the film is that Hopkin acted his role of Odin beautifully, and so did Hiddleston do, with his character Loki. Moreover, Chris Hemsworth carried the character of Thor so perfectly that people would definitely not forget the character, and it would be alive in the hearts of all people who has watched this movie. Even the romance and the scenes with Natalie were made perfect by both the actor and the actress. Natalie was as sweet and shy as ever, and not like a serious scientist who had a serious face of romance. The role of her friend Darcy, enacted by Kat Dennings, was a bit annoying though, and with her jokes an dialogues it looked like she was the typical example for a movie filler, whose story had no meaning at all in the whole sequence!

The technical side of the movie went very well. Though the 3D scenes were a bit messed up in some places, other than that the technicality was good and the sequence of travelling through the space was extremely good. They had good costumes matching the film’s requirements and impressing visual effects too, but still, Asgard looked very unreal, more like plastic! It didn’t look good or convincing. The angles chosen for the camera in certain fight scenes, and the contrast also had some problems, but altogether it could be called a good movie, though definitely it could have been made a lot better. The music in the movie did match with the film sequence abut wasn’t very touchy or something that would make you melodramatic in the end.

You can call it an entertainment movie, with good quality, but you cannot consider it as the best piece of film or the bets of the projects from that film maker; he could have done much better to improve the quality! You cannot call it a well-structured film, or a film in which all characters are perfectly balanced with each other. You can also see here that the fight scenes, unlike other movies, get simpler and pointless, instead of getting stronger and wilder. Moreover, there are lot of technical issues, and the story is too weak for a Thor movie! One can call it a decent movie but not a very classy one, looking from a viewer’s point of view, the film is too flat!

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