Super 8 – a Review

super 8
The Super 8 can be considered as one of the best movies that were released during the summer time. It is unique and much different from all other movies that had been released in the previous summer times. The simple approach used in the movie is what makes it so different from the others. They have used an old school style in the making of the film and here, the environment, the way in which the story is being told and also the feelings and emotions in the story is counted more, rather than the blasting of cars or buildings going down as in today’s movies.

You can call this film a reminder of the old school type of cinema, which can be enjoyed by people of all ages, regardless of the young or the old.

The film tells the story of a group of children coming from a small town in Ohio. The story happens in the year 1979 during a summer time. It pictures the kids shooting a film on their own, about some zombie attacks on their town. During the progress of the film, they witness a train crash which is quite mysterious and strange. Then these children try to find out the truth behind the crash. First, they decide on using this as the main point of their film, and they start from the upper hills, shooting scenes around the place where the train crashed. Later the kids realise that the crash wasn’t a normal one. There were huge military deployments in those areas.

The hero of the movie, Joe Lamb, enacted by Joel Courtney, is a kid who lives alone, after the death of his mother, owing to his issues with his father, Jackson Lamb. Enacted in the film by Kyle Chandler, the character is the sheriff of the town where Joe Lamb lives. Between the time when the filming is going on, Joe falls in love with Alice Dianard, a character enacted by Elle Fanning in the film. The complication arises owing to the fact that Joe’s father holds Alice’s father responsible for the death of his wife, Joe’s mother. But this doesn’t affect the kids, together they try to find out the truth behind the crash, as their camera had picked up strange scenes during the crash. They had seen an alien form escaping the train, during the time of accident. From this point, the film becomes increasingly exciting and questioning as on what the alien figure was and what was that it wanted.

super 8

The film pictures many emotional and touching moments and can be called a mirror of the old school type of movie making. The relationship between the kids looks so natural and realistic unlike the robot based and animation movies that you find today. Moreover, the Chemistry between them is just perfect enough to make you enjoy the film to the core. The film barely has any action sequences and everything that happens, is around these kids and people related to them. You can say that the film is totally a wonderful sight captured through the eyes of teenage kids, who are more curious to know about the unknown, and of course, more fearless than the adults. The script writer and story teller J.J.Abraham has done a wonderful job here, and moreover, Spielberg has perfectly captured the right emotions on each face, which makes the film worth seeing. Altogether, the film gives a warm, relaxing and yet chilling and tense atmosphere, mixed in correct proportion.

super 8

The kids who have enacted the roles have done their job perfectly and they have succeeded in creating a look of intimate friendship among the characters, from the viewer’s point of view. Though the movie has certain flaws and some moments that have been exaggerated unnecessarily, the film altogether can be termed as a good one. One may become a little disappointed at some points, may be in the first 15 minutes, but surely after sometime, you would feel like seeing the whole of it, eager to know where the story takes you.

Extremely good cinematography, best editing, and moreover, the best contrast, lighting and sounding effects is what makes this film outstanding and unique from all others which had been released along with it. the songs in the movie exactly fits in place with the film sequence, and the film is a real proof that J. J Abraham has already chosen the correct path and is treading on it fearlessly, with just some more effort required to make his films more remembered among the public. If you are looking for a relaxing movie that can let you breathe some fresh air, Super 8 is the exact choice you could make! Having all the requirements of a film fulfilled in it, may it be the emotional part, or the suspense part.The movie is one of the warmest that has come out this summer, more to the relief of all film lovers. For people who hate watching stupid action movies and unreal 3D animation movies, and loves simplicity and real life movies, the Super 8 is a definite relief.

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