The X-Men: a Review

If you are a person who has any doubts regarding the X-men Movie from Matthew Vaughn, once you see the movie, you would be sorry for that doubts you had about the quality of the movie! You needn’t blame yourself on this, because this shows again how a trailer doesn’t give out much details of a film, and how deceptive it could be, in giving you a totally wrong idea about the film!

The first footage of the film and even the trailer was not very impressive and anyone who sees it would expect the movie to be just a decent one. But once you see it, you can understand that it is the classiest and the best of the series of X-Men movies that has been released till now. You can call it a first class movie indeed! The opening scene pictures the World War 2 happening in Poland with mind blowing music in the background. Then comes the rushed presentation of Charles Xavier and Eric Lehnsherr. As the story moves on, the suspense and thrill in you is sure to build up and that is what the film is exactly looking for! It makes the viewer get a feeling that the movie is good, right from the beginning.

Michael Fassbender, who has enacted the role of Eric Lehnsherr, is on a chase, after the murderer of his mother, Sebastian Shaw, enacted by Kevin Bacon on the big screen. The story is taking place in the year 1962 and it pictures Eric as a man with some special magnetic force, owing to the mutation in him. This force gives him the ability to cut, bend, twist or even destroy any metal that is around him, just using his mind power. But he is not able to exploit this power and control it fully because of the negative energy within his mind, which is his thirst for revenge. Another character in the movie, Charles Xavier, enacted by James McAvoy, who is a rich scientist, can read people’s mind or stop time, and even enter someone’s memories. The young man has great telepathic powers that allow him to do all these. Though they have powers that are totally different, finally they realize that their target is the same man, and thus they join hands.

The villain in the movie, Sebastian Shaw is a man who has the power to encapsulate any form of energy or release as and when he wishes. This means that he is almost invincible! The aim of the villain is to create tension between the USSR and the United States, which would further lead into a war. This is with the aim of conquering the world after the war is over. He is a ruthless character who is on the evil side in the movie.


The story thread becomes exciting, when Charles, with the purpose of defeating his target, gets in touch with the CIA and makes a deal with them. He starts a school for the people with superhuman abilities, and this is where he meets up with Eric and realises the power in him. Thus they become good pals and Xavier also admires Eric for the real talent he has got. The school was meant to gather the army against Shaw, who had his own allies in the mutants, like Riptide, Emma Frost and Azazel. The people in Xavier’s favour included Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence), Beast, Angel, Moira, Banshee, Darwin or Havok, who were all mutants. There were also ridiculous mutants like Angel, whom you would feel, had stupid powers, but the movie class makes you forget all that totally! After the group has been formed, they begin the chase for Shaw. Xavier and Eric become strong friends and this gives the film, an emotional touch.

The characters in this movie are all powerful and strong ones, each having its own significant role in the film. Moreover, the relationship that develops between the two men is also an important part of the film. There are secondary characters, conflicts among them, and we can even know how each character got his or her name. There is a good chemistry between all the actors and actresses and also very good acting from the villain, Shaw.

The final stage of the movie is the fight between Shaw and Magneto. The film takes us through the whole story of how Magneto became today’s magneto and how mutants changed from one side to another, and stories of betrayals, and the relationship between Professor X and Magneto. This relationship surely would touch your heart during the final stages of the film. The place, the scenery, emotions, suspense, the drama, the bond of friendship, everything has been beautifully pictured in the film. One can call it a well-executed film with no flaws in its quality.


Though the former Magneto, enacted by Ian McKellen, was good, one cannot deny the fact that the magneto in this movie, enacted by Michael Fassbender, is extremely wonderful and has done the role extraordinarily well. You would never feel like taking your eyes off him! The actor has brought so much life to the character that you wouldn’t feel like you are watching a movie; you just feel it is happening in his real life! Rage, fury, patience and all other emotions have been safely played. More than his charm, people would notice the perfection with which the character has been done.

Even the technical aspects of the movie are simply appreciable. The cinematography and lighting is excellent and the special effects are also extremely good. Though the transformation of Mystique seemed a bit unreal, altogether, the movie can be summed up as a hit of the year. The music done by Henry Jackman is also quite interesting and matches with the sequence of the movie. Even the action scenes have been directed well with each mutant power in balance with the others.

On a total, the X-Men is one movie you should watch if you want to have everything together- a little action and a little emotion. You can call it the best among the action movies that were released this summer. You would definitely want to watch it again and again, once you see the whole movie.

The X-Men: a Review

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