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Transformers dark of the moon

The whole story can be put together into a small summary: A very sweet prologue, which is marred by a fake looking digital JFK, gives an account of the story of Cybertron and also, the main reasons for the space race that took place between the United States and the Soviet Union, in the 1960s. It is collaborated with the present story where Sam Witwicky, enacted by the actor LaBeouf, is trying to find his first job after college days.

Amidst this, the Autobots led  by Optimus Prime, and the United States military’s NEST team, which is led by Lt. Col. Lennox, here enacted by Josh Duhamel, work together to eradicate all the Decepticons in the world. But the evil bots finally tend to succeed and they try to take over the Earth by invading it, with Chicago as their Ground Zero. The final war takes place between the human beings or the autobots and the Decepticons.

The film Transformers: Dark of the Moon has a clear plot or story as you can call it, much better and more exciting than both of its predecessors. The film has the ability to get you some emotional and physical consequences to the events that happen throughout its thread. Till now, this emotional and physical sense was absent, in both the previous films of the series. These films used to work well on the public just because of the 3d action scenes which it included. But the Transformers 3 is one film which will definitely improve the falling interest for 3d movies among the public. The box office appeal for the 3d films had been waning like anything for the past few months. This movie is expected to be a saviour light in this aspect! You can see for yourself that the battle between the humans and the Decepticons has been pictured very beautifully in this movie and that they can never be more entertaining or vibrant. It is not just like any other movie in 3D. there are other movies like the Pirates 4, Green Lantern etc, but the Transformers 3 is one movie you should definitely watch in 3D. The action scenes mostly come in the last one hour, when the battle is taking place in Chicago. The best of entertainment in these sequences are the wingsuit jump sequence, and the set piece, where Sam, his girlfriend Carly, enacted by Rosie Huntington, and the retired Epps, enacted by Tyrese Gibson, are trapped inside a falling sky scraper!

Moreover, the action scenes in this movie are much better and breath-taking than those in the first two movies. Though you cannot quite distinguish between each robot in the battlefield, most of them have much more distinguishable features, than they had in the past movies. But you can see that more number of human beings than robots is killed here, owing to the blasts that happen when the Decpticons use the windy city Chicago as their camping place. One good thing about the film is that it is worth seeing; just the sequence of the Chicago invasion is enough to give you what your money is worth. The film pictures the Decepticons as very scary robots, with some sequences where they invade the houses of their human allies and kill them, producing an assassination sequence, both scary and creepy!

The VFX driven Franchise Shea, remains the most important reason why people would go to see this movie. Sam, the main character, had saved the Earth twice before, and yet. Here her struggles to prove his skills. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a model of the Victoria’s Secret, and is acting for the first time in the big screen in a full length film. But she shows no signs of a new actress; she replaces the former heroine Megan Fox instantly, and has her own way of making her love hot, charming and of course sweet! The character of Carly’s boss is done by Patrick Dempsey, and he enacts a character that is not as gentle as he seems to be.

Duhamel and Gibson still provide some of the best action related acts with their one-dimensional roles, just like they did in the other movies in the series. The trail is followed by Frances McDormand who classes up things and brings an edge of seriousness the film sequence enacting the role of the Director of the National Intelligence, Mister Mearing. Both the Coen brothers, McDormand and on Turturro, are playing important supporting roles in this film. Here, Turturro enacts the role of the former agent of FBI, Mister Simmons. Though he doesn’t have a role like what he had in the second transformer movie, Turturro definitely makes his presence felt in the little time he is present in the movie.

The movie includes a backstory between the characters of Turturro and McDormand was actually an unnecessary part of the movie, but not as annoying as the addition of John Malkovich and Ken Jeong, who have enacted some unfunny scenes in the movie. Though he is not as good as Anthony Anderson or Ramon Rodriguez was in the previous movies, Alan Tudyk has done his best to make some of the scenes, comical and funny.The role of Sam’s parents is done by Kevin Dunn and Julie White, as in the former movies.

Inspite of all these good actors enacting the characters beautifully, the robots still are the main source of attraction for most of the people. The movie has been made with this in mind and hence the robots in this film are way better and realistic than the ones in the previous movies. Optimus Prime is accepted worldwide as the bad robot warrior and most of the people who love animation and animated movies, would definitely remember this character and the battles he put up. Another character Megatron, is also a part of the movie, but it is in a badly disfigured shape to remind of the Egyptian battle back in the second part of the Transformers. Starscream, Shockwave, Wreckers etc are other characters that have their own important roles in the movie, and Wheelie and Brains too are present, though not as goofy as they were previously! Other than the Optimus Prime, the next important robot role is the Sentinal Prime, which has been voiced by Leonard Nimoy, for the movie. The film even includes some Star Trek nods that the fans of such movies are sure to enjoy.

Michael bay and Co. says that the whole point in bringing out the movie is to show the revenge of the fallen. The big question is that how successful were they in taking the story into the hearts of the movie lovers. One main fact to be noted is that the people, who talk against this series, will definitely not like this movie also, but what is the need of them going and watching the third transformers, if they didn’t like the first and the second? Though the thread of the story in the first half is through a series of events and goofy jokes, which tend to derail the film from its story, it picks up the full momentum in its last one hour, when it becomes a full-fledged human vs. robot war film, much to the interest of the viewers. This was something that the Terminator series had promised but never happened. Though the film Transformers: dark of the Moon may not be an extremely good film or a must watch, you can say it would be definitely a fun to watch movie. This is one great thing during the summer time, because only a handful of good films have been released during that time, and one can say the transformers 3 is definitely one among them.

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