A Review on Bad Teacher

Bad Teacher

The Bad Teacher is a film picturing Cameron Diaz as a sexy teacher who is foul mouthed and totally hung over, and who is totally obsessed with beautifying herself so that people would notice her and she could increase the chances of digging her claws into some rich stupid guy.

The poster of the film itself is quite cheeky and it pictures the long legs of Cameron Diaz slung over the teacher’s table in the classroom with an “EAT ME” written on her apple! The trailer of the film is even saucier and it would definitely make anyone who sees it, want to go around having fun with the sexy teacher!

Once you start watching the movie, you will feel like you have been put in a detention. You can see that the commercials and trailers of the movie are just too much of fluffy words, and the character that Cameron Diaz enacts is something very much away from what you would expect. She is very cruel, charisma free and detestable; altogether you can sum it up that the character is a dirty bitch!

Bad Teacher

The Bad Santa from Billy Bob Thornton was a film in which crass came with sass. But this film, Bad Teacher tells the story of a teacher who uses a lot of profanity which lacks the smart to sting. In the film, the lady teacher is stuck up after her sugar daddy gets rid of her, and just like that, the viewers would soon be in a stuck up position, watching such a talented comedian perform so bad. The heroine sticks to her ways and seduces an examiner to steal the Sat examination’s paper and she even ridicules another teacher Jason Segel, who is the PE teacher, who is trying to ensnare the supply teacher who is the heir to a big fortune!

Both Timberlake, the supply teacher, and Segel, creates funny moments in the film sequence, but it is Timberlake who creates the funniest incident by dry humping Diaz. Here the camera focuses first on his face and then on the wet patch on his jeans! Segel has also played an easy going character, which in turn makes Diaz look more of brittle and uninteresting. Segel definitely cajoles more laughter with the shadow of a smile, than Diaz does with her one and half hours of swearing, putdowns and bitchy.

Bad Teacher trailer

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