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The most awful essence in this world is a man. Man is a beast, who annihilates similar to him creatures and amusing himself by their death. It is a beast which, who hankers blood and carnage, for whom money is everything and life is nothing. It is frightful words. But, however it is dolefully that there is a place for such things in our world. And when modern society becomes like savages, then it becomes scary indeed. It is scary to live.

« It is possible to win even without any chances for success. It is possible to lose with any trumps» «13» is American remake of the French film «13 Tzameti». Both pictures were shot by Georgian by birth and now French producer Géla Babluani after his own scenario.

The bright episodes with «Russian roulette» from «The Deer Hunter» (1978) of Michael Cimino still make a strong impression. That is why Babluani decided to develop these finds of Chimino and carry an action from the Vietnamese camp of captives and slums of Saigon to the modern developed city. A totalizator takes place in the luxurious mansion now, and rates are calculated by millions dollars. The rules of a death game are also changed.

A producer combined the element of chance of a classic «Russian roulette» and importance of speed of reaction and also skill of using a weapon of the classic American westerns.

Protagonist of the film is a young guy Vince (Sam Riley). His family has big financial difficulties because of illness of his father. Vince decides to use doubtful possibility to earn a lot of many very quickly by his inexperience and foolishness. Having forgotten that free cheese can be in the mousetrap only, Vince gets into the underground totalizator, where bets are taken on the life of players.

A hero understands that he got too late, but there is no way back. At the same time a film tells stories about two men, who are also forced to participate in the illegal game. One of them is a robber Jefferson (Mickey Rourke), who was made to play against his wish. He does not need victory and money unlike others. He dreams about one thing only — to quit it as quickly as possible.

Another player is Ronald Lynn (Ray Winstone), who was taken out from asylum by his brother Jasper (Jason Statham) for the sake of totalizator. Lynn, on the contrary, gets some pleasure of the game, of the victory and he wants to win. The fate of each of these players depends on them and on the Luck.

13 movie

Like the «Russian roulette» symbolized war and its destroying influence on the mind of normal man in the picture of Chimino, the theme of «13» is Luck, its sources and its regularities. What does fart accompany? Brave and trained people? The film shows that it is not always correct. And do symbols, such as 13, have meaning? A protagonist gets this traditionally unhappy number, but nevertheless he is in luck greatly. A producer shows that luck is some type of energy. It never disappears, but it turns to another condition, transforming into the failure.

As many times a man had luck, as many times he would have had a failure. It is exactly known that goodwill of fortune is not endless and a strip of luck comes to the end sooner or later. Even if luck accompanies you in the concrete game till the end, it can turn away from you in life after. In fact life is also just a game.

A film of Babluani is as simple as commands of leading of the death totalizator: «Charge the weapon», «Twist the cylinders», «Aim». The first half of the movie is about preparation for the totalizator, and the second is a totalizator. In fact the main acting person of the picture is not separate character; it is a game in general. Practically all characters of the film are depersonalized, representing numbers only. In fact numbers have much more significance than people in the world of bets …

Finale of the film is original and logical at the same time. And it leaves one main question opened: luck or not. Or maybe it is not about the luck? Darkness of the film strikes the eyes: few of bright paints which practically disappear at the end of the film and only white and black colors remain. There are, practically, no smiles on the faces, and it appears it looks like forced masks. It shows the real atmosphere of the film.

«There is no some concept of luck. Everything is determined by fate and correct choice only.»

The owner of the main role, Sam Riley, proved out splendidly. He makes to believe that his character Vince is really scared indeed. And he shows how his hero changes as a result of cruel game. And although an actor is already over 30, he is more than convincing in a role of a naive young guy. Mickey Rourke is in his typical character of semi gangster – semi cowboy. And Jason Statham also was in the role of smart dealer not for the first time. His playing is just fascinating.

The film is very heavy. Nerves tenses to the limit. Music in style of «from the world beyond» beats the ears by huge hammer. This film is needed to savor as a good cognac. If you are not in mood for viewing, it is better to postpone this deal for the next time. You will ask why. Because if you do not get all pleasure from the first time, you will never get it and you will lose a lot.

As a result, it is high quality criminal drama, opening the world of bets and totalizators and researching the nature of the luck. Watch it and you’ll never regret.

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