“Robin Hood” with Favorite Action Heroes

How many times would have the story of this legend of the 13th century been taken for a movie? Here comes the 21st century version of the film with Oscar winning actor Russell Crowe in the lead. Director Ridley Scott is teaming up with Russell Crowe after the film “The Gladiator” which won many awards. The duo is not able to spell the magic that they did in Gladiator in this movie. The movie may be interesting for some mature teenagers but it fails to ignite the new generation of viewers. The film is based on the story of Robin Hood who was an archer in King Richards’s army and from there he went on to become the unifier of a suffering nation. The story requires energy and motion but the director fails to offer action thrills which the new generation of viewers expects from such a type of film.

Robin Hood (Full Review)

The stories of legends have been made into movies at several times. Robin Hood one of the favorite action heroes of children was the basis for many movies. But when you hear that the Oscar winning team of the film “Gladiator” is teaming up again to make a film on Robin Hood, much would be your expectation on the film. Regrettably that is not the case and Director Ridley Scott and actor Russell Crowe’s combination fails to produce the magic that they did in “Gladiator”. They have attempted to portray the legend from a novel angle, but when you see the film one question might come to your mind, “Why bother?” The director Scott and screenwriter Brian Helgelund should be given credit for showing the courage to make a film on the life of a legend who fought for civil rights in the early 13th century. They are not able to give merit to the story and the social justice theme gets damped down along with the entertainment value of the film. The makers of the movie have puts lots of effort into the making but the action scenes would not be that interesting to the audiences of the present generation.

The story begins prior to Robin becoming an enemy to the kingdom. Towards the end of his service as an archer in King Richard’s army, Robin raises his sound against the slaughtering of innocent Muslims. Slowly Robin grows into a leader of downtrodden and fights along them against the powers of the kingdom.

Robin Hood is an ambitious project but it fails to create any excitement among the audience. We may go to watch the film with the expectation that this new version would be relatively superior to the previous versions. The film does not live up to its expectation and is a disappointment in both tone and texture. The catholic viewers are most likely to be felt offended as there are scenes in the film were the church leaders are questioned. In spite of all these, the film may be interesting to mature teenagers for its bloodless action.

User Rating:7.1/10

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