Burlesque! What does occur to you, when you hear this French word? Dances, music, unforgettable colorful show, beautiful dancers in the bright tempting suits appear in the mind.

Their penetrating voices, their elegant movements make you to feel the most various emotions, you are overflowed by senses, eyes glitter, there is involuntary smile on the face and you can not restrain yourself anymore — your body begins to move in the rhythm of lively music itself and the fervent words of the song already fly down from your lips!

A man, who felt it once, will not be able to live without this surprising colorful world. It happened with Ali. This is a story of modern Cinderella in some kind. Ordinary provincial girl decides to change her life radically and buys a ticket to Los Angeles.

– One way or round-trip?

– You are kidding, right?

The lights of the big city attract Ali. But nightly life tempts her much more. She gets to the club «Burlesque», light of soffits dazzles her, deafening music and inflammatory dances strike her imagination, and from this time her primary purpose is to get on the stage. It is possible to envy the persistence of young girl, because she does not give up and undertakes attempts to realize her dream time and again. And dizzy success and rabid popularity come after her effort. But everything is not everlastingly and there is a minus in every plus.

This banal, it would seem, story is presented in the bright, sparkle and nice wrapping. All happening just interflows in the one endless dance, where are love and passion, tears and laughter and, certainly, stylishness, which is permissible for musical.


Rhythm, flavored with portion of temptation and sexuality, violet smoke, filling all stage – all of it act in its favor. It is imbued by sincere laughter and it reminds sweet cookie. «Burlesque» wins by its genuine liveliness and brightness, brilliance and some wittiness.

Cher and Christina Aguilera are crackerjacks. Magnificent voices, excellent dancing trick — everything is just on the highest level. And if legendary Cher was the soul of the film, executing her unbelievable « You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me », so that formication appear, then Christina established real magical show and she managed this task on «A». To estimate the actor game of Christina Aguilera in her first full value role in the cinema, it is needed to make abatement for her. But, nevertheless, her heroine turned out very funny and sincere.

Actually, the lion’s share of viewer attraction is supported by duet of these surprising women. It is needed to notice love line, probably, the woman’s half of audience would not be able to manage without romantic faint notes. However, it is necessary to esteem a scenario writer for respect to connoisseurs of intelligent dialogs. Wittiness and just nice humor and also unexpected, nontrivial scenes in the «Burlesque»

Stanley Tucci brings his raisin and charm in the cinema, whatever film he shot in. Also, it is necessary to remark suits — it is just marvelous! It is pleasant to see all this abundance of color, sparks and twinkling. Visual row is very rich, pleasant for eye.

Steve Antin put everything he could in the film: excellent direction, scenario which is completed fully, although it can seem that something is not enough there. From one hand side, it can seem surprising, that such big budget was entrusted to Steve. He made a pair of quite good movies, but it can not brag of big cashes and good rating and his films have not big popularity. And he managed with his job perfectly.


Certainly, it is needed to thank to a composer. Inimitable Christophe Beck created unforgettable musical compositions. All vocal plays are various, its execution is conditioned by a subject line. And it is written in such way that it gives a possibility for performers to show all their potential.

Songs, dances, effects – it is a strong side of the film. It makes happy for a while, that character of music is not only dancing, but also there are heartfelt lyric ballads. And it is not accidentally that Academy included three songs into the list of nominee of «Oscar» in the category the «The best song».

Generally, it is not desirable to turn off eyes from the screen during the whole film. The atmosphere of «Burlesque» transfers us to the times of cabarets. The elegant allurement and exquisite sexuality soar hover in the air. Marvelous voices of Cher and Christina Aguilera hypnotize and make to admire and the subject is a background for getting pleasure from musical and dancing show. However, background is not bad – all problems of the heroes are very relevant and living.

Playfulness of subject harmonizes with burlesque of the musical and dancing stages and as a result it turns out remarkable movie.

Yes, it is entertaining, light movie, but it strikes by such charm and fascination, that it is wanted to wallow in its luxury and magnificence and to believe in tale during the next two hours.


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