Green Hornet

green hornet

Britt Reid, the son of the media magnate, leads a fast life during whole days happily, until his father, James Reid, dies suddenly. Now Britt has to inherit his business. Another shock waits for Britt, when he meets Kato, who worked for his father for many years. Together, they become superheroes out of any laws. They pulled on suits, carried out modernization and tuning of present arsenal, and started. And at the meantime criminal authority Chudnofsky is in command of the whole city and who is anxious about two things: 1) his ancientry and 2) some green sod breaks his business.

Technological choice just strikes the eyes at once. Michel Gondry managed completely to support and to paint the bar, which was set before in this genre. Whole and full exploitation of technological potential such as reliable hands of operator John Schwartzman and new tricks is what distinguishes this picture from its predecessors.

Gondry succeeded to balance numerous stage managers from the different departments. Every fight looks very marvelously. Minimum of computer graphics is compensated by real effects completely. Battle choreography is presented in the best light.

It is also necessary to note professionalism of the scenario writers of the film. The quantity of arcane gadgets exceeds any limits. All these ideas are not just some set of pasteboards, which are nice on the picture and do not cost anything at all. A subject narration does not afraid to go straight ahead, offering new variant of development of the events.


The strength of scenario idea achieves an apogee closer to the end of the film. Seth Rogen brought perceptible investment in the film, he also became one of the scenario writers and that’s why there are not any problems with a humor in the movie.

The film is fervent and everybody jokes there. Seth Rogen, having removed from his ordinary line of loser, did not forget how to speak with sarcasm. Periodically a heroic bearing appears inside him, but the heroic set of muscles is absent and it is an ideal situation, where instead of slinky suit semi coat, mackintosh appears.

Jay Chou was taken on the role of assistant-inventor and became almost the main hero. He is a really tough guy.

Christoph Waltz as a villain turned out very comical. This genre supposes some simplifications of motivations or its complete absence, but a comrade Chudnofsky did not become fully responsible hooligan.

Cool car, full of every kind gadgets and cool things, couple of heroes in masks, fighting with crimes, showy villain and magnificent beautiful woman — all of it creates heroic triumph! Christoph Waltz plays the role of looped on his frightening villain brilliantly and Cameron Diaz managed the role of well-read secretary-journalist, beautifying a subject by her charm.

Green Hornet

In general, plentiful and various action, rescuing of innocent lives, fighting with a corruption, nice girls, cars and beautiful luxurious lifestyle expect us in the film.

Events spill over from action to action without stopping and when it seems that a good fight is finished, then exciting pursuit starts, then gunshots start again and it continues till the end of the movie. Occasionally, the subject exposes the mutual relations between heroes beautifully and even their controversy also will not go without effective and tough scenes.

There will be a love triangle, but a romantic line is moved not even to the second place by its importance, but much further.

«Green Hornet» is an excellent screen version of Marvel comics, there is an ideal balance of brutalism, comedy, drama and a lot of high quality action. A film is almost perfect technically. Pursuits, gunshots, crashes, explosions and other attributes of any action movie are here on the highest level and all this mixture looks very impressively and excitingly. This is a real entertaining comic of the highest class, which stands between «Kick Ass» and «Iron Man» (exactly between these two movies). Green Hornet is a great action movie with a lot of humor, special effects and some charisma.

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