Love and Other Drugs


«Love and Other Drugs» is a new work of producer Edward Zwick, who is known by such outstanding films as «Legends of the Fall» and «The Last Samurai», is imbued by romance and sexual pleasures. Zwick raises global problems in his films and this picture is not an exception. An actual theme about merciless pharmaceutical industry and competition is touched equally as love feelings in the film.

This story is about lady-killer and about a guy by name of Jamie. Jamie is a very sexual, stunning, charismatic, attractive and clever guy and none girl can resist his charm. He just needs to look at any girl once and she just melts in sight.

Jamie is not a fool, he uses his attractiveness completely, and as a result — various beautiful girls, who want him wholly and fully, share a bad with him every evening and every night. All it continues until Jamie meets Maggie absolutely accidentally.

And it happened during the working time; by the way, Jamie is a pharmaceutist and he has to advertise one or another medical preparation. The main hero falls in love truly for the first time in his life, nothing can already deaden his feelings to Maggie, but everything is not so simple…


This picture is exceptionally about love, which can be a medicine even from the most incurable illness. In this case, exactly due to love, the main heroine felt it and began to live.

And having tried it, it is impossible to refuse from it. This picture eulogizes such a wonderful feeling as love very much. At the present time, when a price of love is not so high as it was before, a picture returns a viewer to its former value. Having fallen in love, you love a man eternally and love is able to overcome any obstacles. And in this case, love even changed the main heroes fully.

One hero turned a good man from a carefree womanizer, and the second one got that hope which did not have. In fact power of love appears in such good things. It makes life better, more wonderful and sensible. It creates a purpose to make happy a beloved man.

Actor assembly played perfectly. There are some flubs, but, however, their play just attracts attention to the screen. It is very pleasant to watch them, it is pleasant to feel with them all emotions, which life rewards them as they become personalities not individual, but pair. They managed to pass all essence of their characters. There are many bed scenes, but they managed to show not vulgarity, but something sublime, something, that makes you smile with affection.

The main plus of «Love and other drugs» in comparison with other works is that the basic support is not made on a comedy only and comic characters, which try to make laugh only. In this film creators added an interesting story with some seriousness, truth.


The undisguised scenes, which a film is imbued from top to bottom, look even very organically.

«Love and other drugs», although tries to pretend to the status of the most serious movie and shows it by all possible efforts, but it is just a fairy-tale. Yes, there is a very successful dramatic constituent, but all events are a little bit exaggerated and some plausibility suffers from it.

Creators, trying to play on our senses, forgot about some other things, for example, it is shown in some moments, where heroes just overact. But everything is not so bad, as it can seem from the beginning, in fact a picture begins as ordinary comedy but then it turns to soulful drama, which makes you feel the heroes’ feelings.

Music of James Newton Howard is just magnificent. It reflects the events perfectly and supplement with some sensuality and emotionality. There is amazing combination of violin, wind, piano and synthesizer creates very fervent music and at the same moment it creates such a beauty, which directs to the serious reflections. It is one of the rarest cases, when it is impossible to describe all beauty of the music. In this connection it is just needed to suggest acquainting with this charming movie.

The picture of producer Edward Zwick turned out quite good and what is the most important — life-asserting. Light atmosphere, which is underlined by bright style of shooting of operator Steven Fierberg, makes film pleasant. It is a sentimental and romantic story which tells that even the most cynical womanizer can turn into reliable, responsible, emotional mature friend and beloved man.

«Love and other drugs» is a very kind movie. It is one of the rarest cases, when a film touches heart and makes happy by a healthy humor. It is very beautiful, touching and possibly even instructive picture for a viewer. Watch the film and just try to feel its atmosphere because it more than deserves for your attention and viewing.

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