Morning glory


There are such films, which give such a positive charge, that a smile appears on the face arbitrarily and remains such pleasant aftertaste, that certain not good moments, which are met in life, can be forgotten and in general you begin to feel yourself differently. A «Morning glory» relates to such kind of films for sure. It illuminates by its internal heat and banishes a bad mood.

Although, there are not some special ideas in the movie, something similar certainly was shot already. Some senses which authors put in the picture, can be seen somewhere else, but not all works hitch up like this one and it is not easy to say why. Maybe, the point is in actors or in nice jokes, or in interesting heroes, or maybe the point is in all of it. The cinema turned out very heartfelt and comfortable. A film turned out very hearty and agreeable.

An early morning, people try to wake up with all might, brews up a cup of coffee, choose a suit, and hot news flow from the screen about the most different things, from record birth-rate in some family to troubles with water, caused by beaver weirs. Huge number of morning news telecasts on different TV channels tells about their channel, fighting with each other for survival, for ratings and for viewer sympathy. This comic movie will tell about not only set of hot portions of morning information, but also about all those curious incidents, left off screen.

In the center of our attention is workaholic «to the marrow of her bones», Becky Fuller. She always whirls to do some deals the whole life, she is always busy at work and most likely she likes it. But one’s upon a time she is fired from her favorite job. And she begins to search another job. Nevertheless, a girl gets fixed up in a job by a producer to (not very popular) morning broadcast.

A main heroine gets an entertaining show of morning news to manage. This show will be removed from the air, if ratings would not grow. Getting the assist of quarrelsome old journalist Mike, she tries to rise up rating desperately, but this new announcer does not wish to tell about any rot (to his opinion) which does not deserve attention of his great majesty.


Crazy about serious reporting, military chronicle and skilful exposure, he is not able to get away from all of it to pleasant daily small things absolutely. Naturally, great conflict between central heroes is unavoidable on this ground and as a result they will teach each other something.

The world of television is a fragile world, where many things depend on luck, but Becky undertakes another side of success — diligence. Having staked on assiduous creativity, she understands anyway, that there is a man with who it is impossible to talk about the work pleasantly.

Harrison Ford plays an almost taken a back number journalist, having visited many hot points and done a lot of serious reporting. Now he rests on his laurels, and at the same time he is connected by a contract with TV channel, where events of the film, actually, take place.

He does not wish to be engaged in any rot such as morning shows. He thinks that he is higher than this petty cares. He is an extraordinarily vain and pompous old man, with very loathsome character, dreaming to make serious news in future. But, it seems, that he is not relevant in desirable environment. That is why he has to be the main irritating factor on the set of «Morning Glory».


Harrison Ford managed his role just perfectly. It is necessary to say that Diane Keaton was marvelous as always. Rachel McAdams is just magnificent. Taking into account that it is her first such role, she managed it perfectly too.

The Film is about one inexhaustible theme — career, about career in such sphere as television, which depends on luck in many aspects. Temperature and chase for sensation really exist in the world of journalism. It can become a painful test for somebody but also it can become sense of life for such heroes as Becky, Mike and Colleen.

In addition to extraordinary positive atmosphere, there is a place for good humor without vulgarity, under good humor is understood sincere laughing. Almost all acts of the film are concentrated at the backstage work of TV-man and it is very interesting.

The film is watched surprisingly lightly, drawing in the character’s lives. It is remarkable film, as a distraction of all gloomy and difficult things. Exactly it is for good mood. The main thing is love which you are engaged in. The main thing is to love what you do and everything will be ok. To find favorite work is a great happiness.

So this bracing picture will amuse stronger than any cup of coffee, it will present excellent charge of good mood and give recommendations for your friends. Also this film can make people preoccupied with work and make them to think over about their purposes in life. Workaholics also need to rest, and to have fun is also a great art!

You’ll have only positive emotions watching this movie. «Morning Glory» is very sweet, kind and funny picture, which is pleasant way of spending time perfectly.

Morning glory

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