Life as we know it


Life is very changeable and unpredictable thing. That is why it is such a valuable thing. But in 21 century people used to plan even unexpectedness. Everything is assigned in advance: time to study, time to marry, time to work and time to have children. As it turned out, our life’s plan is written for 20 years forward. But it is easy to correct any plan. A force majeur can happen with everyone. But we do not add this point to our carefully planned curriculum of life…

Something similar happened with the main heroes of the movie.

Once upon a time composing a testament, an advocate asked married couples, who to pass the right to take care of their child in the case of their death to? It is a normal practice – to assign guardians, who would replace a mother and a father. Then, nothing came to the heads of married couple except one thing – to enter the names of their best friends, who are not in good relationships with each other. But, who else? Taking this case for basis, Ian Deitchman and Kristin Rusk Robinson (scenario writers) wrote a plot for the picture of Greg Berlanti, for whom this film became the first in the career of director.

It is a story of two absolutely different people Holly Berenson and Eric Messer, who dislike each other from the first day they met. But they were forced to communicate as they have common friends. Once this couple becomes single guardians of little girl Sophie, who lost her parents by fatal concourse of circumstances. Different people with different interests and life’s position are in the same house with a crying and capricious child.

They try to manage unexpected turn of fate and they find happiness in the wish to felicitate a child. As it turned out, we are not ready for the frequent turns of life. Sometimes it is necessary to make a choice which influences all your life, turning it on its head. How many efforts are required to fit those commitments, which unexpectedly fall down on you?


A picture just touches the soul and makes you smile, in spite of tragic underlying theme of situation. Certainly, all laurels of tender emotion are given to a small baby Sophie. Three different girls play Sophie in the movie. They are sisters and very similar to each other. Children always make happy us by grimaces, first smiles, first steps and first words. Protagonists are dipped into the whirlpool of education fully: a social worker comes in bad time, a child does not eat and it is not very easy to change nappy.

A film «Life, as we know it» tells us about how two men of opposite gender forced to live in one house and educate daughter of their friends, because they died and left guardianship on them. But there is one huge problem – they are not only unready for domestic life, but also they dislike each other. But for the sake of Sophie, they have to smoke the pipe of peace. They have to pass over a lot of difficulties and to understand what they need and how to live further.

Holly (played by Katherine Heigl) is a girl, who lives in her world during many years in a hope to find that one man. Messer (played by Josh Duhamel) does not suit in any way for this role. But, however, senses of attachment and then of love appear in any way, if a couple and a child live under one roof and run after a kid in a half-naked look. Each of them endowed with part of him and with all life, to prove the next time the world that «Things work out for the best». Complexity of breaking of life’s values makes them stronger, smarter and more patient.

Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel managed their task perfectly. Their behavior like a mirror, it reflects behavior of majority of enamored couples. But the main thing is that love hides behind all of it.


Atmosphere, which reigns between protagonists and their friends makes happy for a while.

It is very interestingly to watch, how Holly and Messer change due to Sophie, how their attitude to each other changes. Little children feel very sensitively, what relations reign between adults. And they assist to improve it with all their efforts.

Before Holly and Messer were satisfied fully with their life and did not know that some other life can be better. But a tiny kid, who drew the first breath a year ago, opened their eyes on such wonders, which they did not even know about.

Children are the most important magicians in the world indeed!

«Life as we know it» is a manual for beginning parents or romantic pair in some sense. So, even if you hate each other fiercely, it does not mean that you are not able to fall in love with each other. It is said: there is one step from hatred to love. The most interesting thing is that the film is based on true events.

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