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«Saw» is the unique phenomenon of cinematography. Some continuations die away already on the second part; new subjects do not attract an audience even despite huge budgets and presence of the special effects. «Saw» survived by other way». First of all, it is a subject, which with every new part, form up the row of riddles on which viewers want to get answers, and when answers arise, new questions appears.

Secondly, there is a hero John Cramer, who died in the third part, but his presence remains such meaningful as it was in previous parts. Thirdly, certainly, the atmosphere of the film, games, which are shown in the movie, are just monstrous, terrible and can cause emotional explosion, but in spite of this everybody watches it.

It is the seventh part of «Saw». Maybe it is possible to name it final, but everything points on the John Cramer’s deal will never be completed. And all cards are opened, it is already known games influenced on the victims of «Saw» and what happened with wife of Cramer, with Jill and Det. The most important is that it is the last test, where player has to prove indeed, how he values his life and life of relatives.

It is the last, but not final part of «Saw» (there are some rumors, that if handles is successful in the world, it is planned to shoot continuation of the film), it is continuation of all previous parts. There are interest and logic. Thanks to producers «Saw 3D», turned out on the level of previous films, such intriguing, cruel and clever. John is dead long time, but his acts and plans are still alive. Everything is interrelated, everything has its beginning and end. It is needed to pay by pain and blood for all sins.

At the beginning of the film we are got warm by the first test.

Then it is time to begin twisting a subject. And the main probationer of the 7th part appeared in front of our eyes. An ordinary writer, fantast-monger, tv moderator, who conducts a telecast with the survivor victims of Saw (doctor Gordon appears on the one of shooting), earns money on it. He sells a book about, how he, allegedly, passed through Games of Jigsaw. But in actual fact he is a liar. Jigsaw converts his lie into the truth and our hero passes the series of rough tests. Jigsaw just incarnates his stories in reality in the final trap.


There are two main lines: Hoffman versus Jill Tuck and Bobby Dagen and his test. The first line deserves much more attention. Opposition of Hoffman and Jill from the sixth part and it goes to near logical completion here. Basically, this line is opened quite well and the most important is that it is very interesting. The second line, unlike the first one, is quite banal and it reminds the previous part. There is one thing, which is needed to notice. The scenario writers decided to sow something light, kind, eternal. But this light thing is an idea: to tell lie is not good. This idea loses its sense after fountains of blood. Except two main lines, there is a pair of stories, which are attached to the basic subject.

As for operator, montage and other things are also splendidly. New part is shot in the best traditions of previous movies: style, colors, manner and many other things are obeyed. It is necessary to notice the work of make-up men, people, who were responsible for human flesh in this film. Entrails and other parts of human body look maximally plausibly, people are torn shockingly. It is needed to notice that Kevin Greutert succeeded to surpass all previous parts by blood-thirstiness of tests.


There is a great band of actors in the film, which was able to pass the mood of the movie during 7 parts. Character of Jigsaw invested enormous investment to this movie, executed by magnificent Tobin Bell. Now it is impossible to imagine someone else in the role of Jigsaw. And let it sound somehow senselessly, but it is my opinion.

Thank you, Tobin Bell, for your talent and charisma. Another man, who directs the film, is Costas Mandylor (Det. Mark Hoffman). His true brutality just charms. He looks great in the role of Saw’s assistant on the screen. Chester Bennington from Linkin Park and Sean Patrick Flanery also made happy for a while. Another actors are great too.

A spectacle of the film is just great and magnificent; creators are, obviously, well done. A film electrifies by the cruelest bloody excesses, so that heart just jumps out from chest.

«Saw» has been always famous by its shocking ending. Everybody used to ending of all parts changes everything cardinally. In this movie ending causes perplexity but not shock.

But for those people, who does not care about detective component and who thirsts for bloody shows, will enjoy this movie.

The new traps of Det. Mark Hoffman are not less bloody, than previous, and some of them just strike by their originality and realization. Due to stereoscopic effect, entrails fall out on you straight from the screen now, that gives new feelings indeed.

The final part of «Saw» is not worse than previous, the same atmosphere, that horror, but before viewing it it’s better to watch the first six parts not to get lost in the labyrinths of subject about the most inventive maniac. Do you want deadly traps become alive? Just watch «Saw 3D»

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