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A tough guy Jason Statham returns to the big screens again in order to show his abilities and skills, surprising and delighting a viewer by power, adroitness, charisma and sharpness of his character. This time a popular actor appears in the role of desperate and skilled killer under the name of «Mechanic», who is used to difficulties, troubles and problems and is able to solve it like winking. «Any tasks for your money» — is a slogan of Mechanic, who prefers to work alone. And he sees the reason of success and his basic merit in it.

But once upon a time his mastery is contested by young, crueler and obviously capable guy, like Mechanic, who is not accustomed to quit started job or retreat if there are some problems. Now a «black stripe» begins in the killer career of invincible specialist, not giving a weak spot.

Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) is a professional mercenary, specialized on murders in the style of «accident» — when «to trigger is simple», but «a top of mastery» is when nobody even guesses that somebody was there. Having got the next order, he hesitates and delays its implementation for the first time of his «career», because an object is that person, who he thought his friend all the time.

But deal is deal. Having deprived himself a man to whom he felt kind feelings, Arthur draws together with his son Steve (Ben Foster). He shares by his rich professional experience with Steve, not suspecting where it can lead in future. Maybe, sincerity and confidence of the «Doctor» will not be valuable, when the heart of «student», actually, requires one thing only vengeance!


Word «Mechanic» is used here as assassin, who, absolutely, does not leave any traces. During the first minutes of the film protagonist Arthur proves it, by killing a nameless scoundrel straight in his own water pool, under the look of his guards. Murder is done so ably and clearly, that Statham associates with computer Hitman (do not confuse with unconscionable movie). Then a super killer meets the son of the man, killed by him. This guy is not only noted by amotivational violence and hunger of revenge, but also has definite potentialities to become another «Mechanic». And Arthur decides to teach him…

Steve is 100% character of Ben Foster, who plays an extraordinarily hot-tempered and dangerous «good bad guy». A deceitful appearance hides potential psychopath, who is able to kill more imposing opponent barehanded.

Complicated tasks, impressive operations, «steep turns» and dangerous crazy attempts is the first time of joint work of smart lad and worldly-wise professional, which, unfortunately or fortunately, lasts not too long. Veritable essence and sadistic bents of apprentice appears in the most inappropriate moment, threatening to the failure of the mission and even worth end — to probability of death of Mechanic. After such turns even skilful master would not risk, that is why breaking off of «entente cordiale» happens very quickly. And then… Then battle of two titans begins… And it is necessary to see it by your own eyes.

Jason Statham and Ben Foster are experience and mastery versus aggressive mixture of blood and milk make red-hot to white heat surrounding atmosphere, spectacular demonstrating their abilities and striking skills.

mechanic movie

By the way, fight scenes in the «Mechanic» are among the most spectacular during last few years. Montage is a bit ricky-ticky, but, actually, it is clearer than in «Taken» and «Bourne trilogy». In fact quality of shootouts and hand-to-hand fights is the strongest advantage of this film. «Mechanic» is one of the most dynamic and cruel actions of contemporaneity.

A scenario is mostly predictable, because it uses already available stamps of past actions. There is nothing really unexpected in the film, although separate scenes are shot cool indeed. For example, first job of apprentice and filled with adrenalin finale. Exactly due to a finale, a film is memorized positively. A dot is put exactly there, where it is needed.

It is distinctly seen, that not the last man in the genre of actions is at the helm. It seems, that a producer Simon West still tries to transcend his debut is «CON AIR», but he has not succeeded it yet. But this attempt is not simply successful, but rather excellent.

If you watched even one film with Jason Statham, so you can guess already — what to expect. His appearance did not change. It is as usual poker unshaven face, which frequently barehanded or by the improvised objects, sometimes using weapon. He does not joke and does not even smile practically. Ben Foster looks especially advantageously on his background.

His movie list makes gaudy by various characters and he plays very brightly and livingly in this film. He demonstrates real emotionality, and that little dramatic notes, which are in the film comes from him only.

As a result «Mechanic» is qualitative and quiet spectacular movie with bright main heroes, with marvelous, advanced action and drive.

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